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This Is Just Not Right! by The Elephant's Child

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided that 15 year-old girls can purchase the “morning-after” pill over-the-counter without a prescription or without the knowledge of their parents. They remain not old enough to drive, not old enough to decide what they want for lunch, not old enough to get an aspirin for a headache, not old enough to go on a school field trip without an official signed permission slip from their parents, but the “morning after” pill — no problem.  Go figure.

The so-called Sexual Revolution has a lot to answer for.


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My biggest concern about all of this (beyond the obvious omission of parental consent) is that this will, for some, be used as a primary method of birth control. Thing is, neither of the two drugs they approved for this are meant to be used that way. There are very specific steps that have to be followed, and with at least one of them, there is a limit to how many times it can be used in a set period of time (I think it’s no more than once every 45 days, but I’m not sure… it’s been awhile since I read up on this stuff). Misuse and abuse of these drugs is bound to occur, with serious consequences for the young women involved. Let’s face it – if a young woman can’t be depended on to take preventative birth control measures responsibly beforehand (and I would include telling her male partners to “wrap it up” as it were), I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of letting them determine whether or not to use these “morning after” plans without any kind of supervision.


Comment by Lon Mead

The federal government has no business regulating the lives of minor children. Angry feminists were sure that if they could just be completely free sexually — like the men were — then they’d be equal and happy, but the hook-up culture has left them used. Now 41% of all babies are born to twenty-something young women, either hooking up or living with the baby father who has no intention of marrying them. The feminist drive to compete with men in every way has not brought them happiness, but increased the divorce rate, emasculated men, and really damaged kids. But this is the subject of lengthy books, not brief comments. The angry feminists are just sure if they get more — more sex, more power, more seats at the boardroom table, more freedom from the ordinary problems of life — like kids, then they’ll be happy. And it just doesn’t work. And when they get really angry, they stage loud topless protests. That’ll fix everything.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Being the sexist male pig that I am, the topless protests don’t bother me so much as that they so rarely have anything useful or positive to say (There was a survey done once about a year ago that showed around 78% of “protestors” at those things could not coherently explain what the given protest was actually about). What I find saddest about it all is that in the vast majority of situations, They ALREADY HAD the “rights” they were demanding… they just wanted a law of their own.

And you’re right… it’s the government forcibly inserting itself between parent and child that is the most infuriating thing about this decision. It’s not going to be a positive thing in the long run for them. And it’s going to be those pesky “unintended consequences” that hurt the most,


Comment by Lon Mead

I don’t mind sexist male pigs. I mind the women who think that just because they take off their clothes, men will immediately give them any stupid thing they want. Leftists have a passion for revolution. I can’t explain that, but they love the idea of manning the barricades, think Che posters and tee shirts. It’s the romantic graphic they love. The daily beast posted this picture, which I thought was hysterical. And you are right about their inability to explain their protest.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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