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The Coldest Spring on Record? by The Elephant's Child


Steven Goddard posted this picture of Fort Collins, Colorado at 7 pm on the first of May. The U.S., he says, is headed for the coldest spring on record. John Hinderaker posted a similar picture a few days ago from Minnesota.

We have had here in the Seattle area two perfect sunny warm days in a row! Our winter has not been particularly cold (La Nina) but the sun has been shrouded in vast grey clouds for months on end, when it wasn’t raining. No snow at all. Even the proprietor of Sippican’s Cottage said “It was — get this — over sixty degrees. No, really, it was over sixty degrees, all at the same time, instead of broken into pieces and spread over several days. Fahrenheit!” And he’s somewhere in Northern Maine. Anecdotal to be sure, but my goodness, the sun is welcome.

I always get the giggles when I hear that old song  about “The Bluest Skies You’ll Ever See Are in Seattle.” The lyricist had either never been to Seattle, or only passed through on a particularly good day. Steven Goddard has the charts to illustrate the temperature.

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The daughter of a friend of my father’s moved to the Seattle area after growing up and going to school in the Boston area. When she moved there, it was the middle of November, and after a month she sent a message to her parents:”Sell the store and move to Seattle… there’s no winter here!”

Cut to six months later, when she sends her parents another message: “You might as well keep the store… there’s no summer here either.”


Comment by Lon Mead

That’s funny! We normally get some snow on occasion in the winter, often just enough to make it really slick. There are hills everywhere. Seattle used to be described as the “city of seven hills”, but they washed one away when they built the ship canal. I grew up with lots of snow, usually 3 or four feet at least, sometimes more. Sometimes it dumped nearly that much in one storm. My dad would occasionally get up in the middle of the night to plow. We plowed our own, because in those days you couldn’t count on the county. Driving in the snow here is different. It’s always ice underneath. Everyone who owns a SUV believes they have it under control and roars along full speed. Every way out from my house is a hill. 7:15 pm. and it’s 83 degrees out.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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