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Further Thoughts About Benghazi: by The Elephant's Child

Why were so many who wanted to go to the aid of our people under attack in Benghazi told to “Stand down?” Who gave those orders? Excuses, there are plenty of excuses. We didn’t have enough information. There wasn’t time. We didn’t have the right assets. it was too far. We didn’t know who was attacking. We needed more information. We couldn’t put more people at risk. Rescuers couldn’t have reached them in time. Who knew that the attack would go on so long. Woods and Doherty had been told to stand down. We thought it was just a protest that would die out. How were we to know when the attack started — how long it would go on?

We didn’t know. That’s not the point. The point is that we didn’t even try.

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Yes, the administration that wants to be known for bold action is instead becoming known for no action at all (or even worse, for taking stupid actions).

The use of chemical weapons in Syria would “cross a red line” that would cause Obama to “change his thinking”. Syria used chemical weapons, and Obama changed his thinking from “I don’t want to talk about Syria” to “I guess I have to talk about Syria”. And he gave a nice speech which said that we were going to do nothing.

North Korea? After some tough talk and threats (which no one really believed Obama moved decisively… to order in a carrier group that was due to go to that area anyway, along with some other material that was going to be sent there whatever Jong-Il had to say.

Egypt? We “didn’t want to interfere” with “legitimate demonstrations” and it wasn’t our place to involve ourselves in the democratic processes of other nations. And so, we lost a reliable ally in Mubarak and got the Muslim Brotherhood. Same thing with Tunisia.

In Libya, we dithered and dithered on what to do (what little action we did actually take had more to do with “optics” than with any strategic or national interest in the outcome).
Then Obama and Hillary pointed to what happened there and called it a success. Some success.

Obama thinks that this “leading from behind” makes him look serious, a responsible steward of our national resources and a discerning Commander-in-Chief. In fact, it makes him look very un-serious. Our allies have learned not to depend on the U.S. during this administration, because of the policies of Obama. Our enemies know they can tweak the tail of the tiger with impunity, because of the policies of Obama. Our armed forces do not trust the political command to protect them, because of the policies of Obama. And now, because of the policies of Obama, our diplomatic corps has serious doubts that they will be protected (I have heard whispers that a number of higher level diplomatic staff in hot areas like Libya are either requesting changes of station, or are resigning outright).

One of the sad things about this, to me, is that Ambassador Stevens was a true believer in the approach taken in the Middle East by Obama and Hillary, and they left him out in the cold when it mattered, for no good reason.


Comment by Lon Mead

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Comment by commentexaswomen

Brilliant but sad commentary Lon Read…..


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