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Beware the Radical Right-Wing Extremist Tea Party! by The Elephant's Child


The IRS wanted every bit of information that the “suspicious” organizations had on their members. What does the membership consist of? Are they mostly individuals? Provide the member application/registration form/ Provide the membership agreement and rules that govern members. Provide a membership fee schedule. Provide copies of your website that only your members can access.

Tell us about your board members, officers, key employees and members of their families who have served on the board of another organization, was or plans to be a candidate for public office. Indicate the nature of any candidacy. And it didn’t end there, in the quest for more information. One group claimed that “500 pages of stuff” went back and forth between them and the IRS.

These groups say they didn’t hear from the IRS until after their 2010 victories. Then, before they could recreate that success against Obama in 2012, all of a sudden they are intimidated, restricted from certain political activities, and bogged down in a bureaucratic nightmare — all at the hands of the IRS.

I still haven’t figured out quite what it is that frightens the Left so much about the Tea Party. The media has gone to extraordinary lengths to proclaim them racist, radical, dangerous right-wing extremists. Is it so frightening when people on the right start carrying homemade signs? How odd, when they celebrate the violent Occupy people and the Anarchists who take great pleasure in breaking business windows and doing major damage, but some old ladies carrying patriotic signs gets on the “extremist list.”

This theme that such groups are dangerous has been spread throughout Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano has listed them as groups to be watched. Some official West Point organization noted their radicalism, and that they were on the list of dangerous groups. It is increasingly clear that the IRS targeted Obama’s political enemies for political purposes.

One Tea Party Group that applied for Tax Exempt status was largely interested in being a study group, learning more about government and how it worked. The IRS deluged them with demands for more information, more lists, and finally demanded to know what their reading materials were. The head of the group sent them a copy of the Constitution. Way to Go!

The IRS Inspector General’s report has not yet been released. That promises to be interesting. Aside from some problems of leaking information, targeting an enemies list, it was only last month that I posted a story about dozens of IRS employees who have claimed to be unemployed in order to receive welfare, housing allowances and food stamps. That suggests that there are all sorts of interesting things to be discovered in the final report.

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The fear of the Tea Parties is largely proof of the Democrat-RINO plutocracy that exists in Washington and elsewhere. Whichever party is nominally in power knows that it can count on the support of the opposition, regardless of the rhetoric they might be spouting on any given topic. The so-called “Gang of 8” is a perfect example of this.

The Tea Parties, however, are out of their control, have a large membership, and oppose BOTH Democrats and Republicans that are taxing and spending the country toward bankruptcy and ultimately subservience to whoever will keep lending these plutocrats money to use in the purchase of votes.

I believe that it is the inability of the political elites to control the Tea Parties that results in their irrational (or maybe it’s completely rational) fears.


Comment by Jim Yardley

Even their far more radical forbears only smashed a few crates and threw a lot of tea in the harbor. Remember the photo of the guy with a gun slung over his shoulder that they cropped so you couldn’t see his face. They were trying to claim that was a white gun-toting redneck, but when the whole picture was exposed he was a nice-looking black guy, and blacks certainly weren’t supposed to attend Tea Party rallies. The explanations that occur to me — calling them radical to influence those who don’t see a Tea Party rally and will swallow the radical idea without thinking about it. But government officials putting them down as dangerous extremist groups is not only improper, but weird. You’re probably right, but they may be the only dangerous extremist group that spends their time carefully cleaning up after themselves.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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