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President Barack O’Blameless by The Elephant's Child

President Barack O’Blameless sent out aide Dan Pfieffer to explain that the president was absolutely not to blame for anything whatsoever, and that the White House had only learned that there was an Internal Revenue Service when everyone else did, and they were all shocked, shocked, and they didn’t know anything about Benghazi either. What was needed now was a little cooperation from the Republicans who were trying to make partisan mountains out of partisan molehills. Republicans were just trying to go on fishing expeditions. Breach of public trust, false allegations, partisan swamp. Inexcusable, top-down investigation yadda, yadda.

Bob Schieffer was not having any of it. You sound exactly like the Nixon administration. Mr. Pfieffer, this is the executive branch, and the president is supposed to be in charge of it. The President is right out there when it’s something good, claiming credit, so how come he took three days to comment? Why are you here? Where’s the White House Chief of Staff? Serious problems, I shouldn’t make fun, but really! “Is this president out of touch?” Highly amusing, not convincing.

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Yeah, I watched that knowing a few things:
1) I know Pfeiffer, and he is exactly the weasel you think he is.
2) He is generally not well-liked by the DC press corps
3) Schieffer has known Pfeiffer for years, and cannot stand him.

(with those last two items, I always wonder why they bother to send him out to these shows when most of these hosts don’t like him)

On Chris Wallace’s show, Pfeiffer pretty much told Wallace that to even ask the question of where Obama was on 9/11/12 and what he was doing was “offensive” and that where Obama was that night was “irrelevant”
Here’s the Fox News clip:

David Axelrod, Obama’s former campaign manager, has said that Obama can’t be expected to know what goes on in his government… it’s just too big. Well, it’s certainly too big for Obama.


Comment by Lon Mead

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