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It Will Be a Bright Tomorrow If We All Just Pretend. by The Elephant's Child

In Britain police stand by helplessly and watch a young soldier brutally killed because there is nothing they can do against Islamic terrorists armed with knives and meat cleavers, because they are not allowed to carry weapons. It takes armed police with weapons 20 minutes to get there. A serious crackdown on those who might criticize Muslim terrorists on social media is in progress.

Burning cars Swedish riots

In Sweden riots by ‘youths’ throwing rocks, burning buildings and firing cars continues, moving from one suburb to another. It isn’t poverty, for Sweden is a famously egalitarian society with exceptional welfare provisions, built by 40 years of social democratic government.

“So maybe I am lucky to be in Europe,” says Baraar Mohamed, a 15 year old with Somali parents who maintains he hasn’t been throwing rocks or starting fires. “Compared to people in Somalia, maybe I am lucky. But I have hardly ever even met them, and this is where I live, and I have to live with police brutality, and I don’t have the same chance as the Swedish kids. I am Swedish. I am Swedish.”

The police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. “our ambition is really to do as little as possible. By doing so we minimize the risk of having rocks thrown at us.” Swedish parking laws continue to be rigidly enforced. Parking enforcement officers  have been noted writing parking tickets for burned-out cars.

The Washington Post reported that a French soldier [was] stabbed in the neck by a robed attacker” in Paris. “The lone attacker was described as a young man wearing a Muslim prayer cap and a North African-style robe called a djellaba. According to a police account  he was monitored on security cameras and seen shedding his robe and fleeing in European clothes before disappearing  into the crowd in a subway and suburban train entrance.”

The press is unable to identify the ‘youths’ concerned as Muslim, though they still can identify the family’s country of origin. Europe reacted to their declining population, the birth dearth, by encouraging immigration, and many from the war-torn countries of the Middle East and Africa have been grateful to take advantage of the opportunity. But real assimilation is not happening.

Back in Britain, a “22-year old man has been charged on suspicion of making malicious comments on Facebook following the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby.” The comments were “allegedly of a racist or anti-religious nature.”

If everyone just politely fails to use words such as ‘Islamist’ or ‘terrorism’ or ‘radical’, then it will be alright, won’t it? The data keeps coming out, in spite of all the soothing words.  Greek joblessness topped 27% in January, the last month for which data are available, Spanish unemployment is close to the same. But it is the figures for ‘youth’ unemployment that are so startling. 59.1% of those under 25 are unemployed in Greece, 55.9% in Spain, 38.4% in Italy, 38.3% in Portugal, 26.5% in France. A lost generation? Why it’s because of the remaining vestiges of capitalism — socialism just hasn’t gone far enough. Entrepreneurs are now villains. May Day rallies across Europe had a single resounding message: end “the excesses of reckless capitalism.” Good luck with that.

There’s a lot of pretense going on. If you just pretend hard enough, it will all be alright. We have a lot of that going on here as well.

Many economists based their policy prescriptions on the implicit assumption that government was full of wise platonic guardians who automatically recognized the failures of the market and instinctively knew the remedies for all such problems.  
…………………………………………………………..[James Bovard]
………………………………. …………...

The society that promises no risks, and whose leaders use the word “risk” only as a pejorative, may be able to protect life, but there will be no liberty, and very little pursuit of happiness.  You will look in vain in the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution for promises of a safe, easy, risk-free life. Indeed when Woodrow Wilson called for a world safe for democracy, it was left to Gilbert Chesterton to put that sentiment in perspective. “Impossible” he said. “Democracy is a dangerous trade.”
…………………………………………………………[Walter Wriston]


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