American Elephants

A Sudden New Interest in George Orwell’s “1984” by The Elephant's Child


Since the exposure last week of the vast scope of the United States’ government’s domestic surveillance operations, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. which was published sixty-four years ago has enjoyed a massive spike in sales. Amazon sales of the book shot up 7,000% just this week. Is Obama Big Brother?

Are we being organized into a world that is no longer free in the name of what? Something more perfect, more communal, more equal and more just. So how come everything seems to be tilted in the direction of the government? So how come when we are going to have more equal health care, all the members of the government get to keep their remarkably good plans? How come all these green start ups that are supposed to offer so many new green jobs go bankrupt but enrich Obama’s supporters who ran the companies or owned them?

If we are to be more equal, then how come those who disagree with the administration are treated so differently? How come what Obama claims today seems to have no relation to what he said last week? Is this the Ministry of Truth which published public falsehoods? Or is this the imagined world that Edward Snowden lives in?



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