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83 Percent of All Statistics Are Made Up on the Spot by The Elephant's Child

Climate Scientist Dr. Tim Ball said recently that 83 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. Probably true, as it is becoming established that the computer models proclaimed to predict future climate aren’t predicting anything.

A good example is a 2008 report that claimed,

Human activity is wiping out close to one percent of every other species on Earth every year, a global environmental report said Friday.

What absolute rubbish. They can’t possibly substantiate these claims. We don’t know how many species there are. We don’t have even crude estimates of populations. We don’t know how much population numbers vary. What do they mean by “every other”? They should name all the species that comprise their claims.

Numbers in the 2008 Report are part of the ridiculous, completely unscientific claims made originally by E.O. Wilson about species extinction. Self-proclaimed Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki traveled across the country a few years ago claiming the demise of 2 species an hour. He wouldn’t name any of them because it’s a false claim.  …

Animal populations and distributions vary considerably over time. Every report of decline or discovery in a new location is now attributed to human induced climate change or other human activity. Perhaps the most outrageous is the claim of humans hunting Ice Age species to extinction. All ignore natural variability, but that is the pattern of anti-humanity environmental hysteria. As Lord Dunsany said,

It is very seldom that the same man knows much of science, and about the things that were known before science came.

Do read the whole thing, Dr. Ball gives some wonderful examples of how false statistics have led us astray. Now that the computer climate models on which global warming alarmism depends have been shown to be fraudulent, their predictions false, and the vast enterprises spawned by a fear that the climate was warming shown to be a waste of funds, waste of regulation and  waste of concern.  I wish someone would tell President Obama.

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So a growing world population that needs more room to farm and live will not impact species on this planet? Why do you believe that this does not make perfect common sense?

So what type of statistical data would you need to be convinced of global warming? Would knowing the scientific behavior of the carbon atom with the various energy waves and the life cycle of carbon convince you?

Who pays Dr. Ball?

Dr. Ball was a former professor of geography at the University of Winnipeg between 1988 to 1996. The University of Winnipeg never had a climatology department.

Dr. Timothy Ball is Chairman and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project. Two of the three directors of the NRSP – Timothy Egan and Julio Lagos – are executives with the PR and lobbying company, the High Park Group. Both HPG and Egan and Lagos work for energy industry clients and companies on energy policy


Comment by Mark Baird

Who pays Dr. Ball? Who cares?

No, I understand that you disagree with what he has to say and so therefore must find some way of discrediting him, rather than addressing his arguments.


Comment by Lon Mead

Because it doesn’t make sense, Mark. Envirowhackos have been predicting famine & catastrophe as the result of peak agriculture for decades. They’ve been wrong on every count.

What would help, for starters, is if 1) the climate models could accurately predict ANYTHING. But they have not and cannot. They can’t even accurately predict CURRENT climate.

Call us when you actually get something RIGHT — when something you predict actually comes true instead of telling us how flawless your theory is ON PAPER. Until now, the IPCC crowd has been wrong (not to mention corrupt) about absolutely EVERYTHING.


Comment by American Elephant

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