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The Public’s 8 Top Policy Priorities Don’t Make Obama’s List! by The Elephant's Child

When Barack Obama began his second term, the public’s policy priorities were straightforward and unsurprising.  The economy topped the list according to Pew’s Public’s Policy Priorities for 2013, from a survey conducted January 9-13, 2013.

  1. Strengthening the economy — 86%
  2. Improving the job situation — 79%
  3. Reducing the budget deficit —72%
  4.  Defending against terrorism —71%
  5. Making Social Security financially sound — 70%
  6. Improving Education — 70%
  7. Making Medicare financially sound — 65%
  8. Reducing health costs —63%

Down at the bottom of Americans’  concerns were things like global warming — 28%, improving infrastructure — 30%, strengthening gun laws — 37%,  and illegal immigration gets a little more interest  —39%.

President Obama is reportedly planning a major speech this week on reigniting his plan to slow the rise of the oceans and  help the planet to heal. Actually, he’s more interested in regulating carbon, and shutting down coal-fired power plants.

He has promised his ‘Greens’ action on the Keystone XL controversy. He is opening offshore areas for wind energy (a remarkably expensive and inefficient venture), one must assume that the spate of elementary schools suspending or criminalizing little children for bringing GI-Joe guns (plastic 1″) or finger-gesture guns is part of his effort to strengthen gun laws.  He has set up a “war-room” in the Dirksen office building on immigration under aide Cecila Muñoz, a former lobbyist for La Raza.

These are his personal priorities and those of his moneyed backers. The environmental lobby is enormous and wealthy and determined, and shares Obama’s ideological goals.

Do you see a bit of a disconnect here? Why on earth would the president make those things which the public does not care about — his priorities?

President Obama doesn’t think the budget deficit is important, that’s clear. He will make Medicare financially sound and reduce health costs through ObamaCare and the Independent Pay Advisory Board— that unelected, unaccountable, bunch of bureaucrats who will decide what benefits are not cost effective for old folks who don’t have a lot of life-years left. Sarah Palin accurately called them the Death Panel. Terrorism is taken care of — remember that he killed bin Laden, and he has drones and NSA surveillance.  He is fixing education with free pre-school for all little kids, and the Core Curriculum for older kids. Indoctrination for all children.

That leaves the economy and jobs. Failing to approve the Keystone XL pipeline will cost thousands of potential jobs, but preventing that carbon from flowing may seem more important to him. ObamaCare has already cost thousands of jobs. A new carbon rule will cost jobs, and the jobs promised by offshore wind will probably not appear. But creating jobs is not a priority for Obama, making more people dependent on government is.

People who are dependent on government largesse will vote reliably for their benefactors. Of course it doesn’t work over time: socialists have been proving that for a very long time in a great many economies. But they just didn’t do it right. This time it’s sure to work.



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