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Needing Distraction From Scandals, Obama Renews “War on Coal” by The Elephant's Child

Portable radio to use outside. If I turned the radio to face North, I could listen to Ed Morrissey interviewing Marco Rubio, If I simply turned it to face East-West — I got Mexican music. I found it amusing, but then I’m easily amused.

Lots of big issues today, some of them serious. The Supreme Court found that portion of the voting rights act that required Southern states to seek pre-clearance from the Department of Justice to make any change to their voting process to be unconstitutional. The Department of Justice has become politicized; and the States have not been discriminating as is well demonstrated by their voting history since the 1950s.  The evidence is quite clear. It remains against the law to discriminate. Nevertheless, Democrats are having a noisy fit. They depend on keeping Blacks and Hispanics believing that they are being discriminated against. Essentially, the decision recognizes that the Voting Rights Act worked, and accomplished that which it was intended to do.

Big Climate speech at Georgetown University. President Obama says if Congress won’t pass the laws he wants them to, he’s going to do it by executive order. If you are a true believer, fully invested in the idea that the alarming warming of the globe— found only in climate computer programs (GIGO)—is a danger to the Earth,  and we shut down all CO2 emissions instantly, the projected global temperature rise would be a ‘savings’ of approximately 0.08° by the year 2050, and 0.17° by the year 2100. ho-hum.  So why is the president conducting a “War on Coal?” Either he is a true-believer in the alarmist theme; or the Green Lobby is conducting a War on Coal, and the Green Lobby is huge and the source of massive support for the Democrat party, and Obama wants to assure continued Green support for his party even after he has left office.

Coal provides more electricity than any other single power source in the United States. It does so at half the price of it’s nearest energy competitor — natural gas. Should the president manage to kill coal-fired plants without lifting regulatory restrictions on fracking or otherwise making it easier to produce natural gas. What his ‘war’ will accomplish is to put thousands of coal miners out of work  in some of the nation’s poorest areas, and dramatically raise your power bill.

He also wants increased “efficiency” standards from the EPA. What that has meant is washing machines that don’t clean clothes, inefficient and hazardous light bulbs that make reading hard, showers that have eliminated a satisfactory spray, low-flow toilets that have taken a decade to fix. In most cases energy efficiency measures simply increase energy consumption that uses up the expected savings. Are dishwashers next?

The president is pushing offshore wind energy and other renewable projects just at the time that other nations are getting out. Spain and Portugal, better sites for sun and wind, have recognized that the cost of large-scale renewables is more than their economies can bear. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for reducing government spending on wind and solar in order to keep Germany economically competitive. Germany is a Northern country and their love-affair with the sun has never made much sense. Business is moving to where energy costs are less. Think through the incentives of that.

Is the President an Ideologue, or just— in the Chicago Way—assuring his supporters that he’ll continue the Graft that has been so much a part of his administration?  Payback.


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Well….he has all these scandals, his base is unhappy, he wasn’t worshipped in Germany, Putin and China disregard him, an Irish legislator gives a seething, blunt assessment of him. He’s had a tough week–he isn’t feeling the love to feed off. He has to feel tough, feel strong, above it all. He is the savior, after all.


Comment by kateyleigh

He’ll probably get some love in Africa. He is the first…and he always has to remind everybody of that. But why 12 limousines? Does the hairdresser get his/her own? I don’t understand this massive entourage that he travels with. There was a picture of a corner of Michelle’s suite, and the article pointed out that the girls had their own suite. The “optics” are just not too good, but they seem oblivious to that.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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