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A Tiny Spark Becomes a Flame and Changes the World. by The Elephant's Child
July 3, 2013, 6:42 am
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December 16, 1773

At the time, they called it “the destruction of the tea.” the term “the Boston Tea Party” came along much later. No wonder the term “The Tea Party” scares Liberals so much.

John Singleton Copley, the Boston artist whose subjects included Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, was traveling in Italy when he heard the news of Lexington and Concord. He wrote home to his Tory half-brother, urging him to leave the country, and the war to others.

The flame of civil war is now broke out in America, and I have not the least doubt it will rage with a violence equal to what it has ever done in any other country at any time. You are sensible also by this time of the determined resolutions of Government to persevere in vigorous measures, and what will keep them firm in this determination is that they act as (at least) four-fifths of the people would have them they so resent the outrage offered to them in the destruction of the tea…
You must also know, I think that the people hae gone too far to retract and that they will adopt the proverb which says, “When the sword of rebellion is drawn the sheath should be thrown away.” And the Americans have it in their power to baffle all that England can do against them. I don’t mean to ward off the evils attendant on civil war, but so far as never to be subdued, so that oceans of blood will be shed to humble a people which they never will subdue. And the Americans, from the idea that England would not act against them, have tempted its power to the extreme and drawn all its weight of rage upon them, and after they have, with various success, deluged the country in blood, the issue will be that the Americans will be a free independent people.

from Rebels and Redcoats

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