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The ObamaCare Employer Mandate “Delayed” to 2015 by The Elephant's Child

The Obama administration has announced that Businesses won’t be penalized if they don’t provide workers health insurance, a key requirement under the health care law, administration officials said. We’ll put it all off till after the election. That sounds a bit familiar, like the unscrupulous tactics the Obamaites used to get reelected the last time round. Hide anything unpleasant—like you are going to lose your job—until after the election, so you won’t notice that ObamaCare is a train-wreck coming and you are unfortunately sitting on the track.

The mandate for all employers with over 50 employees to provide coverage for their workers is throwing a lot of people out of work or has reduced their hours to under 30 hours so they no longer qualify as full-time workers. Many of the less costly insurance plans, such as those that offer only hospital care, are being eliminated and the cost of average coverage is in many cases, doubling. Employers with many lower wage workers simply cannot afford the increased cost, and are forced to drop workers hours to avoid the rise.

Putting a lot of people out of work, or scrambling to find a way to cope with their pay suddenly cut in half is not a good way to approach an election in which you are hoping to gain seats in the House and Senate. You can trust Obama to use all the available levers of government to avoid having poorly-informed voters understand what the actions of the Obama administration are planning to do to them. Expect major spin.

The moves might draw criticism that the administration will not be able to put into effect its signature legislative accomplishment on schedule. But having people think critically about the hard work and difficult tasks in trying to roll out such a wonderful law trumps having people recognize that the train-wreck of ObamaCare has destroyed their jobs and left them dependent on Medicaid.

Interesting that the administration has no problem adjusting the law passed by Congress to suit their electoral needs without any authorization to do so from Congress. They don’t bother with all that legal stuff, they just do what is convenient.

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