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Understanding “Profiling.” How The Democrats Do It. by The Elephant's Child

Stephen Hunter explained “Profiling,” today at Powerline. It’s an important article, and worth your attention:

Profiling. When the president calls for “calm” in the aftermath of the jury speaking, he is profiling. When police departments call in the manpower, put special command units into specific locations, and beef up for potential demonstrations or rioting, they are profiling. When celebs and rap stars use social media to put out irresponsible incantations to bad behavior, they are profiling. They are, in fact, profiling far more invidiously than anything George Zimmerman was accused of.

Their presumption is that the African-American community is immature, impulsive, prone to violence and incapable of understanding the nuances of the case. More volatile and less rational, this community demands special attention in order to nurse it through an emotional crisis, spare it and us from irreparable damage. It is, in fact, based on an us/them dichotomy.

Any individual who argued such a point would be destroyed; these gentlemen and entities may do so without consequence, except an affront to reason and the stench of hypocrisy.



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This (the Zimmerman/Martin issue) is going to turn into another one of those situations where I get really, really tired of people using the word “profiling” as something bad, and saying the people who profile are wrong to do it.

Here’s the news… EVERYONE profiles other people EVERY DAY. Bartenders do it. Car salesmen do it. You do it when walking in the park.

Convenience store people do it late at night when a guy avoids the front of the store if there are other customers there. Parents do it when they hear about their kids parked with their dates in a quiet spot in the woods. Baseball catchers do it when watching the field with the bases loaded and a solid hitter at bat.

All “profiling” is simply observation coupled with experience forming a conclusion. It’s not always correct (those teenagers really WERE just out looking at the stars, and that guy at the convenience store was there to pick up “feminine products” for his girlfriend).

If you ever want to see profiling in action, go fly out of Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. Yes, they have scanners, yes they have metal detectors, yes occasionally they do pat down searches. Average time from coming through the front door to boarding your plane? Just under 20 minutes. They train their security personnel on what to look for in behavior, dress, what people bring into the airport. Every now and then, they wind up detaining someone innocent of anything, but they also have very, very few incidents of people getting through who shouldn’t (no stories like all the people who slipped knives, box cutters, and in a couple cases a gun past the TSA in airports like Denver, Chicago O’Hare, Boston Logan, New York LaGuardia).


Comment by Lon Mead

Exactly. The Israeli way of doing security has been suggested so frequently we’ve lost track,and official Washington throws up their hands in horror. We can’t profile That’s a BAD thing. In her new book”American Betrayal.” Diana West describes how reality disappeared in the Soviet Union, and says:

It can’t happen here, right? Nevertheless, something very much like it did happen here, and is still happening, from the schoolroom, where “political correctness” dictates curriculum, to the workplace, where “sensitivity training” conditions behavioral and thought patterns that didn’t take back in the schoolroom. The Communist origins, the Communist inspiration for this top-down transformation of the human condition may be the ultimate secret that the archives have disgorged, even as it sits, raw and unclaimed, in plain sight.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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