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The Planet Will Boil Over if Young Africans Are Allowed Cars by The Elephant's Child

President Obama speaking to young Africans, on his vacation trip to Africa.

And Now For Something Really Scary! by The Elephant's Child

The White House has posted a large graphic on Climate Change  and President Obama’s Action Plan to address — extreme weather. Lots of dramatic claims, no documentation, no evidence.

“President Obama has announced a series of executive actions to reduce pollution, prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address global climate change. ”

That “executive actions” should be a little troubling. The president seems to believe that “carbon pollution” is something that needs his direct attention. He is apparently unaware that we are carbon life forms, that carbon is one of  the building blocks of life, and if we eliminated carbon, we would eliminate life. And “climate change” is so 20th Century— there hasn’t been any warming so far in this century.

Well, nevermind. Here are his ideas as the White House had presented them. I’m still not sure what he has in mind as “carbon pollution.” Do we need to stop exhaling now? All of the food we consume exists because of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and increased CO² means more luxuriant plant growth and plants that are more resistant to water shortage. The planet is greening because we have a little more CO², a natural fertilizer, in the atmosphere.

John Brignell at Number Watch has written an explanation “In Praise of Carbon” which is useful when trying to understand our current problem.

We have the CIA (see below) sponsoring a search for a geoengineering solution to excessive solar radiation, apparently based on the idea that global warming is a threat to national security.

Now we learn that the U.S. Army is switching to a “green” version of the M80A1 7.62 mm bullet which are supposed to start being issued to troops in 2014. The Army has been looking to “green” small-caliber ammo for some time now. In 2010, the Army switched to the greener 5.56 mm M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round. The EPR replaces the lead slug with a copper slug,” said Lt. Col Phil Clark, product manager for small-caliber ammunition in the Executive Officer Ammunition program. “This makes the projectile environmentally-friendly, while still giving soldiers the performance capabilities they need on the battlefield. So far we have eliminated 1.994 metric tons of lead from 5.56 ammunition production.

Fox News reported that Army officials conceded that the M855A1 “has not been providing the ‘stopping power’ the user would like at engagement ranges of less than 150 yards.

So the bullets won’t kill the enemy, but they are environmentally friendly. And the Navy is running their warships on an unavailable biofuel mixture of chicken fat and algae. They are testing flying jets on some kind of “green fuel.”

The president is still hyping “renewable fuel” which necessarily remains only a miniscule portion of our energy picture, and a way-too-expensive one at that. He still is concerned about our “addiction to foreign oil” in spite of a changed world in which we have plenty of our own. And he intends to “eliminate carbon pollution” through regulation by the EPA, which is not authorized to do any such thing. Their assigned tasks are clean air and clean water, and they have stretched that assignment far beyond recognizable borders. And they really need to stop lying and making up facts to support their power grab.

The Renewable Fuels Scam: The Way It Works. by The Elephant's Child

Pain and higher costs for the consumer. A great scam for those who get the money.

(h/t: Powerline)

World War II: When Women Built the Armaments by The Elephant's Child

1943 war work

Here’sa great collection of images from the Library of Congress portraying women war workers at work. (click to enlarge)

I reject the captions absolutely, which must have been written by a recent high school graduate who didn’t pay much attention in history class, or else learned history from Howard Zinn’s reprehensible communist People’s History of the United States. Sigh.

World War II was total war. All healthy men of military age had been drafted, and the factories needed workers. Women built airplanes and ships, turned out all sorts of needed equipment, delivered planes from factory to airfield,  became test pilots, and in some cases taught the aviators how to fly the planes. “Gender politics” is a current leftist invention. Try to ignore the captions, they make me gag, but the pictures are great.

In spite of the German invasion of Poland and Czechoslovakia,  the fall of France, and obvious approach of war, America was desperately unready when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. In 1933 the army of the United States was 137,000 men, equipped with World War I leftovers. When Germany invaded France we reinstituted the draft, and by December 7, 1941 the army had reached 1,640,000. When Hitler made the mistake of declaring War on America just after Pearl Harbor, and America entered World War II, the army eventually expanded to 8,300,000 officers and men. About 5,000,000 served overseas.

President Roosevelt gave a radio address on May 26, 1940 in one of his ingenious Fireside Chats, and people coast-to-coast tuned in their radios, and at the same time the British Army in Europe was fighting for its life while evacuating to a beach called Dunkirk. FDR spoke about the eyewitness stories of devastation from Hitler’s rapid invasion, urged Americans to give to the Red Cross, and went further:

There are some among us who closed their eyes…honestly and sincerely thinking that the many hundreds of miles of salt water made the American Hemisphere so remote…

And then he changed the course of his presidency, and called upon American industry to stand with him in the breach:

Yes, we are calling upon the resources, the efficiency, and the ingenuity of American manufacturers of war material of all kinds—airplane and tanks and guns and ships and all the hundreds of products that go into this material.

The government of the United States itself manufacturers few of the implements of war. Private industry will continue to be the source of most of this material; and private industry will have to be speeded up to produce it at the rate and efficiency called for by the needs of the times.

Not only was the president courting the “malefactors of wealth” as he usually called them, he was offering to help, to give them financial incentives to produce war material.

Women did lots of unexpected things during World War II. A WASP Among Eagles, by Ann Carl is the story of a woman military test pilot. The Forgotten Pilots by Lettice Curtis is the story of the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), the British precursor to the American WASPs. The latter book is rare, and expensive at Amazon. You might try interlibrary loan. Both books are worth your time.

“If We Build It They Will Come” * by The Elephant's Child

I’ve been puzzling over President Obama’s idea that you cure the recession and unemployment and return towards full employment by “building out from the middle class.” How does that work? If I understand his speech correctly, if you build new infrastructure, rebuild crumbling bridges, improve port facilities, then somehow magically, the middle class will arise again.

My America is a classless society. The classes derive from the Treasury Department which divides the American people into five classes —poor, lower-middle, middle, upper-middle, and rich — for statistical purposes, to see how the population is doing. The United States has always been an opportunity society, and people move through the so-called classes as they get older, more accomplished, get better jobs, or rise in their careers, hopefully save their money, and slide back as they retire and have less income.

Liberals have never understood this. Their goal is to win elections. This is accomplished by giving entitlements to the poor to make them dependent on the government, and thus become a base upon which Liberals can depend to win elections.

Liberals regard the American economy as a pie. If the rich get too much of the money, there’s nothing left over for the poor who will suffer. But the economy is not a pie, and grows to accommodate the need for money. If someone gets very rich it does not affect the opportunity for anyone else. The very rich, because they have more money to spend, create jobs for others. If you raise their taxes high enough to make them equal to everyone else, they no longer create jobs and probably pick up and move to somewhere where their ability to create jobs is more appreciated.

The Left believes that recessions are caused by a lack of demand, and if people just have enough money to buy stuff (demand) the economy will recover. Franklin Roosevelt called it “underconsumption” but it didn’t work for him either. So we’re still left with the question of how we get to that growing middle class that was” the engine of our prosperity” in the period after World War II. We’re back at the “If we build it they will come” theory. But where they are coming from and who they are is not addressed— unless it is solved by passing the Senate Immigration bill.

Clearly Obama has no idea of all the things he has done in the past five years to destroy jobs:

  • The auto company bailout destroyed thousands of jobs, caused a huge loss for taxpayers, shut down hundreds of private companies, auto dealers, for no reason. Jobs were lost at all sorts of companies who were suppliers to the industry.
  • The oil industry and the communities who supported it were decimated by the unnecessary extended shutdown after the Deepwater Horizon accident. Many rigs left for other countries where they were treated more reasonably.
  • The government’s investment in wind and solar proved only that they remain a miniscule portion of our energy supplies, the “green jobs” were a pipe dream and  most of the solar companies have gone bankrupt, and we were never “addicted” to foreign oil.
  • The Keystone XL pipeline promised 20,000 jobs and thousands of spin-off jobs as well
  • The pursuit of “green jobs” was a total loss. There are no net green jobs, and the government was reduced to including janitors, bus drivers, and other totally unrelated occupations to make up phony numbers.
  • A big tax in ObamaCare on medical equipment has put many companies out of business and killed thousands of jobs.

That’s just a few that come quickly to mind. The numbers of jobs lost due to over-regulation is mind-boggling. The EPA proudly announces that they don’t have to account for unemployment caused by their regulations. They have expanded far beyond their assigned task of seeing that we have clean air and clean water into territory where they have no legal business, and invent statistics to justify their overreach.

*The line, slightly misquoted, comes from the movie “Field of  Dreams.” Not to be confused with “You Didn’t Build That,” a previous Obama quotation.

Obama’s Relentless Commitment to Pivoting to Jobs by The Elephant's Child

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