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And Now For Something Really Scary! by The Elephant's Child

The White House has posted a large graphic on Climate Change  and President Obama’s Action Plan to address — extreme weather. Lots of dramatic claims, no documentation, no evidence.

“President Obama has announced a series of executive actions to reduce pollution, prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address global climate change. ”

That “executive actions” should be a little troubling. The president seems to believe that “carbon pollution” is something that needs his direct attention. He is apparently unaware that we are carbon life forms, that carbon is one of  the building blocks of life, and if we eliminated carbon, we would eliminate life. And “climate change” is so 20th Century— there hasn’t been any warming so far in this century.

Well, nevermind. Here are his ideas as the White House had presented them. I’m still not sure what he has in mind as “carbon pollution.” Do we need to stop exhaling now? All of the food we consume exists because of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and increased CO² means more luxuriant plant growth and plants that are more resistant to water shortage. The planet is greening because we have a little more CO², a natural fertilizer, in the atmosphere.

John Brignell at Number Watch has written an explanation “In Praise of Carbon” which is useful when trying to understand our current problem.

We have the CIA (see below) sponsoring a search for a geoengineering solution to excessive solar radiation, apparently based on the idea that global warming is a threat to national security.

Now we learn that the U.S. Army is switching to a “green” version of the M80A1 7.62 mm bullet which are supposed to start being issued to troops in 2014. The Army has been looking to “green” small-caliber ammo for some time now. In 2010, the Army switched to the greener 5.56 mm M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round. The EPR replaces the lead slug with a copper slug,” said Lt. Col Phil Clark, product manager for small-caliber ammunition in the Executive Officer Ammunition program. “This makes the projectile environmentally-friendly, while still giving soldiers the performance capabilities they need on the battlefield. So far we have eliminated 1.994 metric tons of lead from 5.56 ammunition production.

Fox News reported that Army officials conceded that the M855A1 “has not been providing the ‘stopping power’ the user would like at engagement ranges of less than 150 yards.

So the bullets won’t kill the enemy, but they are environmentally friendly. And the Navy is running their warships on an unavailable biofuel mixture of chicken fat and algae. They are testing flying jets on some kind of “green fuel.”

The president is still hyping “renewable fuel” which necessarily remains only a miniscule portion of our energy picture, and a way-too-expensive one at that. He still is concerned about our “addiction to foreign oil” in spite of a changed world in which we have plenty of our own. And he intends to “eliminate carbon pollution” through regulation by the EPA, which is not authorized to do any such thing. Their assigned tasks are clean air and clean water, and they have stretched that assignment far beyond recognizable borders. And they really need to stop lying and making up facts to support their power grab.

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What is the criteria that should be used to determine when science is right?


Comment by Mark Baird

Very simple: direct observation. Far too much of current “science” is derived from computer programs designed to measure what will happen to the climate in the future. Unfortunately, they cannot “predict” today’s climate. They start by entering what we know about today’s climate, which isn’t really very much. Then they add some ‘informed guesses,’ followed by wild guesses. Science is not a matter of consensus, it is a matter of what is proved by direct observation and replicable by others. You can have a “consensus” of what 999 scientists believe, but if it cannot be proved by direct observation, it’s just belief or faith and worthless.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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