American Elephants

Bwa-Ha -Ha-Ha, ha by The Elephant's Child

The Left prides itself on being ready to respond to circumstances, active, alert. They aren’t stuck with fusty old principles to guide their actions, like the dreaded Republicans who are stuck in their old tired ways.  Not modern.

Confronted with a difficult election next year because black voters in their base are beginning to notice that after 5 years of promises from the Obama administration, their situation has not improved — they need a new issue — and have lighted upon photo ID for voters.

Requiring voters to show photo ID when they vote is clearly then, a way to keep poor blacks from voting. If they are poor and don’t have a car, then they won’t have photo ID, or won’t be able to afford it, and will be kept from voting. Voter suppression!

It’s Jim Crow again. Mild response that photo ID is free at any drivers license bureau, that you need photo ID to open a bank account, cash a check, take a trip, enter a courthouse, or get through the front door of Obama’s Justice Department building, has not slowed down Democrat’s emphasis on voter suppression.

You need photo ID to sign up for ObamaCare!

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