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Obama’s Very Bad. Horrible, No Good Month. by The Elephant's Child

Ted Cruz

A lot of people have misunderstood Ted Cruz’s valiant “filibuster.” It wasn’t really a last-ditch plea for Congress to defund ObamaCare. That was never in the cards, The Republicans need to control the Senate to accomplish that. There just aren’t the votes, and Democrats will not allow their people to fail to support the party line. They use the hardest of strong-arm tactics. They are not nice people.

What Ted Cruz did, eloquently and precisely was to spell out the problems inherent in ObamaCare. He spoke calmly and carefully for 21 hours explaining just what was in the law and why it was a problem. Oddly enough, the media suck-ups found the brief reading of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham as a bedtime story for his two small daughters, the most important part to talk about.

The ObamaCare Law is indeed a train-wreck and even Democrats are coming to agree that it is. Not yet ready to turn against their president, however.

The law is and was clearly unconstitutional, but through some convoluted reasoning, the Supreme Court decided it was Constitutional. The Court is very reluctant to directly defy a law passed by Congress. There are many lawsuits proceeding through the courts, and more being filed.

Hearts sank when the Supreme Court failed to act. Many placed a lot of faith in the ability of the House to defund the law and still believe that we can somehow defund it.

Some believe that we just have to elect a Republican Senate next year, so that it can be repealed. Others believe that we must just allow the law to collapse of its own internal conflicts, which are innumerable.

Obama is angry, and I believe, frightened. He hates Republicans on general principles, he is losing supporters, his approval rate is plummeting. He has had neither interest nor skill in foreign policy.  He opposed the Iraq War as a “dumb war” without ever getting beyond far left propaganda to find out what it was all about. He assumed the only reason to be in Afghanistan was to “get” bin Laden, and once he was dead, al Qaeda would no longer be a threat. The Arab Spring has turned to a bloody debacle, he has supported all the wrong people, and embarrassed himself and America with his bumbling in Syria, red lines and all. Now he’s back to wanting dialogue with Iran, sure that his persuasive powers, honed by Alinsky will allow him to convince Iran to stop with the nuclear weapons.

The world is interfering with his battles at home, The Republicans in Congress are attacking his precious ObamaCare, and threatening to defund it,  or demanding to delay it for a year. This would be an extremely successful thing to do, for Americans are angry that everybody gets a waiver except ordinary citizens. And the plan is clearly not ready to roll out.

Obama cannot admit that it is flawed. All  is subject to the budget talks, raising the debt ceiling so our bills can be paid is one thing, convincing the administration that they really have a spending  problem is quite another. Democrats will demand that the sequester be ended. Forcing them to cut back on their spending is impossible. As Nancy Pelosi, brilliant mathematician, insists “The cupboard is bare. There just isn’t any place where we can cut at all.”

A world of troubles. And to top it all off, the IPCC has had to back off of their claims of alarming global warming. Al Gore is demanding prison sentences for anyone who denies climate catastrophe. And all those billions of green investments? Graft. Enriching his cronies and supporters. Chicago politics.

Are the American people finally beginning to recognize the failure? Or are they still hoping, waiting for things to change?

Another Union is Striking Over ObamaCare Job Cuts s by The Elephant's Child

Members of the Service Employees International Union local 1 (Chicago) have gone on strike over recent cuts in employees hours at a janitorial company called Professional Maintenance. Here’s another union who were big Obama supporters who are suddenly confronted with the realities of ObamaCare.

Tyler French, Local 1’s organizing director, said the company claimed it had to cut its employees hours due to ObamaCare mandates. Mr. French does not believe that explanation, He’s sure it’s the latest excuse in a long line of many that we’ve seen from corporate America.”

SEIU enthusiastically backed ObamaCare when it passed, and is sending unionized health professionals out to promote the law in 30 cities over coming months. How interesting that they seem completely unaware of what the new law is doing to employment all over the country.  I guess it’s hard to give up your illusions.

The Unions are being screwed. I wonder if we will see more strikes?

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