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Haying in Umbria by The Elephant's Child
September 28, 2013, 8:32 pm
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Here’s how they cut hay in the mountains in Umbria, in Italy. I’ve seen plenty of haying, and various methods of stacking, baling, and storing hay. I don’t know if this is as relatively easy as it looks, but I’m impressed.  In my part of the world, you grow alfalfa on the flat parts and let the hills grow wild and the cows wander.

In many ways this is a reminder of how old Europe is as a well settled place. America grew gradually by waterways. Towns were built here there was a source for transportation: rivers, the confluence of trails, mountain passes, old Indian trails eventually became modern highways. Because land was plentiful, the best level farming land close by a water source was taken up first. Railroads followed the lay of the land and connected the areas that were built up. Europe was more crowded, towns and cities are built in places that in America would remain national parks. Building on a mountain or on an outcropping could protect from invading armies, and in Europe there were always invading armies.

(h/t: Maggie’s Farm)

ADDENDUM: If you are so inclined, it’s fun to go to You Tube, and enter haying in the search function. You can see the Amish method, haying with mules, and all sorts of amazing farm machinery.

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