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The Reason for the Shutdown in 1 Pic… by American Elephant

Please spread this around. Tweet it, Post it to Facebook, your blog, pinterest. Wherever you like. Obama will negotiate with terrorist Iran, but won’t negotiate with the duly elected representatives of the people. He says “I won”. But I would remind him that Republicans ALSO won. In fact, after Democrats passed Obamacare, Americans threw them out of office, and elected Republicans in the biggest electoral landslide in 75 years!  [Click to enlarge.]
Obama Wont Negotiate

Barack Obama’s Misguided Political Theater by The Elephant's Child


Barack Obama is determined to blame the Republicans for the government shutdown, but his efforts at political theater leave something to be desired.

Obama has never felt that the simple effects of law are quite enough to expose the degraded results of Republicans efforts to foil his plans. To emphasize the horrible results of the government shutdown, the Obama administration’s bright idea was to barricade national monuments to keep veterans from visiting them. These are open air monuments.

You have a lot of very ticked-off 85 and 90 year-old World War II veterans brought to Washington DC  by the organizers of the Hero Flight Network, to see the World War II monument honoring their service and their losses.

After a group of veterans broke down the barricades at the national World War II Memorial Tuesday afternoon, organizers of one Hero Flight Network group told BuzzFeed it wasn’t the last Washington would hear from them. Veterans are plotting another protest at the same place Wednesday, and expressed interest in staging similar events at sites across the nation’s capital, including the Lincoln Memorial — an act of civil disobedience that would likely pour fuel on the already highly flammable politics of the government shutdown.

“We have people here that are 80 and 90 years old and they closed down all the bathrooms?” said Tony Nussbaum, a 25-year veteran of the Air Force from Iowa and a leader of the state’s Hero Flight group. “I’m about to just start pissing on the trees.”…

On Wednesday, the scene could repeat itself when groups from the Honor Flight Network — a national charity that brings aging World War II veterans to visit the national monument to the conflict they fought in — are scheduled to arrive at the massive outdoor memorial. Meanwhile, veterans have pondered staging a similar protest at the Lincoln memorial, said Jamie Miller, a five-year veteran of the Marine Corps and another organizer of the Iowa group that stormed the World War II memorial Tuesday.

Not only a dumb attempt to make veterans suffer for political theater, but how completely tacky. No class. No class at all. Misplaced priorities, as usual.

A National Park Service employee threatened to arrest the vets, many in wheelchairs. The Honor Flight is an all-expense-paid trip for the vets, many of whom have never seen the monument to their service.


Comparisons by The Elephant's Child

Sometimes An Image Captures The Situation Better Than Words. by The Elephant's Child


The sun rose on schedule this morning, and the President of the United States went out to the Rose Garden to make sure that everyone in the country heard that the Republicans in Congress had shut down the government. Not just any Republicans, but “one faction of one party, in one house of Congress, in one branch of government, shut down major parts of the government — all because they didn’t like one law.”

The Democrats have undoubtedly run all sorts of polls and focus groups about debt ceiling negotiations, and determined that a “government shutdown” frightens people, and if it can be blamed on Republicans, will help win the next election. This is pure political play at its absolute nastiest. So here is the spin designed to scare the people.

We know that certain services and benefits that America’s seniors and veterans and business owners depend on must be put on hold.

An insinuation that Veterans and Senior citizens won’t get their Social Security or veterans benefits. It is not true. Their benefits will arrive on time, by law. Essential services are excluded from any government shutdown. But Democrats know that a certain number will be frightened, and possibly vote their fright.

The president has illegally given his cronies, his favored businesses, members of the administration and Congress waivers from ObamaCare. ObamaCare, as the president keeps reminding us is the law of the land. The president doesn’t legally get to decide who doesn’t have to join up, nor which parts of the law can just be ignored. No waivers for ordinary people.

This president is completely lawless. He chooses which laws he will enforce, and which he will ignore. Under the Constitution he has no such leeway. His Constitutional duty is to enforce the laws.

Republicans in the House passed a bill to be sure that members of the military received their pay and benefits. The Senate unanimously passed it, over Harry Reid’s objections, and the president signed it.

Just before the negotiations started, President Obama telephoned Speaker Boehner to tell him quite specifically that he would not negotiate. He peevishly refused to participate in the hard work of governing. “I shouldn’t have to offer anything,” the president said.

The president likes to talk. He regards his persuasive ability as “a gift.” And he’s good at demagoguery — of twisting words and facts to get people to do what he wants them to, though it gets really tiresome after a while. If the Republicans are not prepared to raise the debt ceiling without some concessions from this out-of-control spending government, then Republicans don’t want poor people to have any health care. The government is not offering health care, but only health insurance. There are an estimated 30 million people who do not have health insurance. The CBO has estimated that after ObamaCare is fully in effect — there will be at least that many without insurance, and probably more.

Obama claimed that the cost of health care has been declining since ObamaCare was enacted. It has been declining since 1996 without any relation to ObamaCare. He said The Affordable Care Act” “doesn’t just mean economic security for our economy, it means we’re finally addressing the biggest drivers of our long-term deficits. It means a stronger economy.” This is pure hooey. The biggest drivers of our long-term deficits are Medicare and Social Security, two valued programs that must be reformed to protect seniors, but Democrats will not consider reform. Obama claims that The Affordable Care Act was a major issue in the last election. That is not true. It should have been. When the election results were announced the Dow Jones Industrials promptly dropped by 300 points.  Mass layoffs were announced by  American companies, for example, Stryker, the huge medical device manufacturer who makes, among other things, hospital beds laid off 1,170 workers, because of ObamaCare.

Never mind the job losses. Obama bragged again about how he created 7.5 million new jobs, he just never mentions the 12 million people that don’t have one and can’t find one. That’s how demagoguery works. You cherry pick a nice sounding statistic,, and ignore the facts that don’t corroborate your wishful speaking.

The most infuriating self-serving pronouncement was:

As I’ve said repeatedly, I am prepared to work with Democrats and Republicans to do the things we need to do to grow the economy and create jobs, and get our fiscal house in order over the long run. Although I should add this shutdown isn’t about deficits, or spending, or budgets. After all, our deficits are falling at the fastest pace in 50 years. We’ve cut them in half since I took office.

Obama is not prepared to work with Democrats and Republicans. He cannot stop insulting Republicans for a moment. He allows his staff to say vile things. He said absolutely that he will not negotiate with Republicans. “Work with” doesn’t mean everybody lie down and obey Obama. He talks about creating jobs, yet his every action is directed to destroying jobs and wrecking the economy. The only reason that deficits are falling is because of the sequester, which Democrats fought tooth-and-nail, and are still trying to find a way to get rid of those cuts. Restraint in spending is not something they even consider. Obama is the most unrestrained spender we have ever had in office, and he cannot think of any way to reduce spending except to reduce our military preparedness.

Democrats have no principles. No, that’s not an insult. They have actually explained that they do not. They react to things on a day-to-day basis, ready, I guess to be up to date? I haven’t figured that one out yet. I guess they want to face a problem unencumbered by old tired rules or principles. No guardrails, just how we feel today with particular emphasis on “feel.” I don’t  really understand. I have principles handed down through generations of Americans who recoiled from overregulation and over interference in their lives by overly officious government. They packed up and spent 3 months crossing an ocean to an unknown wilderness, sure that they could do better on their own, unafraid, and willing to try freedom. And they were right. It was hard work, but they muddled through, standing on their principles. Guardrails are useful.

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