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Our Petty, Petulant, Pretentious, and Arrogant President by The Elephant's Child

President Petty is at it again. As Mike Flynn noted over at Breitbart, “This is governing by temper tantrum.” As I mentioned yesterday, I Own the World had a wonderful Photoshop of two helicopters hovering in place, holding a giant drape over the faces on Mt. Rushmore so people could not see them during the ‘shutdown.’ Satire has a way of being trumped by reality. The National Park Service has lined the highways where there is a view of the monument, with traffic cones to prevent anyone from parking at the side of the road to look. No viewing. Forbidden by the government that works for you.


BV2z_9xCIAAPLt0 One tourist in the Badlands of South Dakota went for a little civil disobedience.  He is not alone.

Millions of veterans are planning to turn up in Washington to protest the closure of the World War II monument to veterans. They will be joined by millions of truckers. Should be interesting.

Just before the weekend, the National Park Service informed charter boat captains in Florida that they could not take clients fishing in Florida Bay until the shutdown is over. Boats have to cross the bay to get to the ocean.  Biscayne Bay is also closed. President Petty is closing the ocean to use by the public. This includes anyone with a license to conduct business in the park like tour guides and paddling guides. Enforcement rangers will be on duty, armed.

This is all so petty that it makes Obama look a fool on the world stage. Trying to close the oceans is really a step too far. Americans declared war on England over a simple matter of a stamp tax. Americans are not a timid people accustomed to fearing their government. Americans in many quiet acts of civil disobedience, removed barriers for cars, cut police tape and walked across barriers after parking on grass verges or adjacent suburbs.

Obama blocked easy access to the Potomac — federal barriers were set along 20 miles of the Washington Memorial Parkway on a sunny 80º weekend. The gateway to the bridge to Roosevelt Island was locked. In several places Americans gathered together to park in large groups around knocked-aside barriers.

The administration has embarked on a perilous path. I’d sure like to see an accounting of the funds dispersed to stage such an elaborate shutdown of anything that might annoy American citizens. Does the National Park Service have a warehouse full of millions of traffic cones to keep the public in line? I’m not sure their efforts are making any one but the most brain-dead, low-information voters blame the shutdown on anyone but this arrogant president. He has overreached once again.

A longtime New York Times reporter said “This is the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.”

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