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A Little Background That They Are Not Mentioning by The Elephant's Child

If anyone is wondering why there is a problem about the budget and raising the debt limit, and what all the fuss is about, here’s a piece from the archives that explains just who is being unreasonable and who is not.

They Produced a Budget by The Elephant’s Child

March 17, 2013, 4:56 pm | Edit this

After Four Years, Senate Democrats finally decided to obey the law. They produced a budget, and it’s no surprise that they wanted to keep their ideas hidden for so long. It is revealing. The Democrat’s Budget never balances; it increases spending by 62% over ten years; and it adds $7 trillion to the national debt, in spite of raising your taxes by $1.5 trillion.

The Budget Committee, Chairman Patty Murray (D-WA), unanimously opposed balancing the federal budget. Mrs. Murray was first elected in “the year of the woman” as “the mom in tennis-shoes.” That seemed to be her only qualification at the time, or since. Democrats advance by seniority rather than qualifications. Mrs. Murray will do exactly as she is told, as she has been doing for years.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulus, President Obama explained why he doesn’t need to balance the budget.

And, so, we don’t have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. In fact, for the next ten years, it’s gonna be in a sustainable place.

Look, balancing the budget in part depends on how fast you grow. You remember– you were in the Clinton administration. The reason that you guys balanced it was a combination of some tax hikes, some spending cuts, and the economy grew.

And, so– you know, my goal is not to chase– a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. My goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that we’re gonna be bringin’ in more revenue. If we’ve controlled spending and we’ve got a smart entitlement package, then potentially what you have is balance. But it’s not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who’ve got disabled kids. That’s not the right way to balance–

Obama always shifts into folksy talk, droppin’ his gs and sayin’ things like ‘gonna’ when he’s trying to come across as just one of the folks.

Someone seems to have been telling Obama that growth is just around the corner. He speaks of America becoming a magnet for good jobs — apparently meaning new jobs in new careers that aren’t invented yet. (Probably those magical green jobs that are always just ahead). When Republicans worry about spending, and balancing the budget, we might as well be talking in an alien language.

Obama counts only the jobs created each month, neglecting to subtract the growth in the population and the growth in the numbers of people who have dropped out of the labor force, so it looks like there has been real progress in putting people back to work, when that is not the case. He goes to new factories and sees promise of future wonders.  He sees the common core curriculum teaching our kids all to be able to read a complicated instruction manual. He sees government creating new technologies, new opportunities if he just has plenty of government money to “invest”in research and development, with no understanding that government is not good at new ideas.

Obama is a fierce competitor. He does not understand negotiation. He intends to win. Nobody believes in his “charm offensive,” not even his own people. He wants to force Republicans into an untenable position, so that he can win back the House in 2014, and complete his program.

He seems to have a movie running in his head that doesn’t match the reality that Republicans see. In that show, in which he is a hero, ObamaCare is the answer to Progressives’ long held dreams, and it will heal the sick and make everyone dependent on the government which will be much better for them, for the government knows best. Never mind that the cost of health care was slowly and continuously dropping, Obama is convinced that the problem is not excess spending, but the growing cost of health care. Yet ObamaCare will explode the cost, and eliminate many benefits.

The president is intent on weaning America off of nasty fossil fuels, to that end plans a big tax on carbon emissions. Since carbon does not pay taxes, this is a pure tax on the middle class, on whom he promised not to raise taxes. Carbon emissions are not responsible for global warming, for as carbon in the atmosphere has increased, there has been no warming at all for 16 years.

The movie promises to be a big flop at the box office. Lots of extravagant reviews, but it won’t make any money.

Houston: We Have a Problem! by The Elephant's Child

We were remarkably fortunate in our first president. George Washington was extremely conscious of his role in setting a standard for the office of the President of the United States.  In his fifth Annual Message to Congress, he sent a message down through the years to future presidents:

The United States ought not to indulge a persuasion that contrary to the order of human events, they will forever keep at a distance those painful appeals to arms with which the history of every other nation abounds. There is a rank due to the United States among nations which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it, if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war. The documents which will be presented to you will shew the amount and kinds of arms and military stores now in our magazines and arsenals, and yet an addition even to these supplies can not with prudence be neglected, as it would leave nothing to the uncertainly of procuring warlike apparatus in the moment of public danger.”

In a message directed specifically to the House of Representatives, he said:

No pecuniary consideration is more urgent than the regular redemption and discharge of the public debt. On none can delay be more injurious or an economy of time more valuable.

Who would ever have thought such advice inappropriate or even unusual? Of course it’s not. But the current president, to our surprise, wants to “fundamentally transform” the country, and has set about doing so—often by ignoring custom and law. He started off with the automobile industry crisis. We have successful bankruptcy laws devised to help a corporation to reorganize and emerge with an opportunity to again strive for success. They have worked for many years and many businesses.

Obama decided to ignore bankruptcy laws, fired the CEOs, put his own man in charge, ignored bond-holders first claim on assets in direct defiance of law, shut down auto dealers who operated private businesses whose only connection to the industry was that they purchased the cars they sold from the car companies. A president doesn’t get to shut down private business. “Cash for Clunkers” was a stupid misstep, that accomplished nothing and devastated the used car market across the country, and the used car-parts business, harming all the citizens who depend on buying used cars for their transportation. Then to top it all off, he gave Chrysler to Fiat, and a third of GM to the Unions— because he likes unions. And we sat back and did nothing.

At the time Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, so there was nothing to be done. But discovering that he could ignore law and custom with impunity, Obama has felt no obligation to the Constitution or laws of the country, and does as he pleases. As one New York Times reporter said “This is the most closed, control-freak administration I have ever covered.”

People are afraid of this administration, with some cause. Public disagreement can lead to an IRS audit, donations to opponents can get your business investigated and prosecuted for irregularities with some obscure regulation. An elderly couple have just been thrown out of their home near Lake Mead because the road leading to their home is on federal property.

ObamaCare is the law, but no Congress is bound by the acts of a previous Congress, and ObamaCare can be repealed or amended by future Congresses. The president cannot change it by executive order nor by offering waivers and delays to favored parties, as he is doing.

Obama administration officials have told universities to ignore the Supreme Court 8-1 decision that racial preferences cannot be used to achieve “diversity” on campus. Obama changed the Welfare Law provisions that required welfare recipients to work. He bypassed Congress to give immunity from deportation to young illegals and essentially enacted by executive action the “Dream Act” that Congress refused to pass. Obama also decided that his administration would not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. The list of usurpations of the federal law and the Constitution goes on and on. Since Obama cannot be impeached as long as he controls the Senate, he feels no restraint on his ability to “go around Congress” and do as he pleases.

The Senate, at the behest of the White House, is now working on a bill to allow the president to raise the debt ceiling on his own—granting powers to the president that are specifically reserved to the House of Representatives by the Constitution. This is not a small matter. This is a Republic, not an Autocracy. We don’t go for dictators here.

Obama’s major problem has always been hubris. He is never at fault, he can never be blamed, he is never wrong, no one should disagree with him, and what he wants to do should be done, because he is the most important man in the world as President of the United States.

Americans have been restrained by their deep respect for the office of the presidency — as our first president passed it down to us. But there are limits to our restraint. We are Americans and Liberty is our birthright. We crossed three thousand miles of ocean to get to a “howling wilderness” and declared war on the world’s most powerful nation to secure our liberty. Britain had virtually unlimited resources and the best navy in the world and we were virtually broke, and we had to scratch together militias and farmers and riflemen, and scratch together some means for paying for a war. But there’s a stubborn streak in the American character too. We won by not losing.

I don’t think this “fundamental transformation” thing is going to fly. Not Here. Not Now.

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