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The Era of Climate Alarmism is Ending. It’s Over. by The Elephant's Child

According the Climate Policy Initiative, the world “invested” $1 billion a day last year to “fight” global warming, which hasn’t been happening for over 16 years.

The World Economic Forum said that wasn’t enough, that we needed $700 billion to tackle climate change, but exactly what we should be doing to wage war on a climate that is no longer warming ? Stop all that carbon dioxide that is getting into the atmosphere? The CO² has been increasing even as the climate cools. It has now reached 400 ppm and is encouraging the greening of the world.

The age of climate alarmism is coming to an end. You many not have noticed that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a summary of its Fifth Assessment Report late last month — criticized and mocked by many leading climate scientists. The distinguished journal Science even editorialized  that this should be the last report issued by the UN body. Ouch.  The UN’s IPCC has been the guidebook for governments all over the world, yet few realize that the IPCC doesn’t do science. They even say so on their website.

Given five tries to convince the world that human activity is causing catastrophic warming of the planet, runaway sea-level rise and various weather disasters, the public still doesn’t buy it.

Country people, farmers, who have to be alert to changes in the weather and the climate in their daily lives are far less apt to buy it than city apartment dwellers who may encounter nature on occasional weekends. The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report concedes for the first time that global temperatures have not risen since 1998, despite a 7 percent rise in carbon dioxide.

Nearly all the UN-approved climate computer models were wrong. The attempt to accurately model all of the variables of natural climate in a computer program simply didn’t work. We don’t know enough about climate. And much of what we thought we knew was wrong.  The IPCC admits that the “hockey stick” graph it featured in past reports wasn’t accurate. It looked like a hockey stick only because it ignored the Medieval Warm Period when temperatures were much warmer than today, and a period when Greenland was green and wine grapes grew in England.

Reported temperatures from weather stations across the country turned out to be way off, because of faulty placement of the temperature gauges next to air-conditioner outlets and concrete heat-retaining walls.

Despite Europe’s boom in solar and wind energy, CO² emissions haven’t been reduced by even a single gram, and it’s the EU’s own policies that are to blame. Australia had an election to get rid of the government and the hated carbon tax. Governments are beginning to back off. One billion a day should wake a few people up.

The true believers who have a quasi-religious belief in global warming are not going to give up easily. Their religious faith is more political than anything, and that faith is central to their identity. The European Union will pay £165 billion for its current climate policies each and every year for the next 87 years. Britain’s climate policies — subsidizing windmills, wood-burners, anaerobic digesters, electric vehicles and all the rest —is due to cost them £1.8 trillion over the course of this century. That will, they hope, lower the air temperature by about 0.005ºC — which will be undetectable by normal thermometers. The accepted consensus is that every £100 spent fighting climate change will bring £3 of benefits. Perhaps someone could tell Mr. Obama about this.

This winter is expected to be a cold one. We’ll see what the opinions are in the Spring.

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But still, we have to deal with the hold-outs, like EPA (air)Head Gina McCarthy. And you still see all those specials on The Weather Channel about the sea levels rising (beaches change shape over time), and how it’s hotter over here, and it’s cold over there, and more hurricanes (none have officially made U.S. landfall this season, and off the top of my head, I don’t think any this season have reached Cat3).

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Bureau of Land Management held its first ever auction of public land for development of solar energy this weekend. Know how many bids they attracted? I’ll give you a hint: it’s a number that looks identical the first letter in “Obama”. I know, I know, you’re surprised that the number was so high (and the Obama administration’s demonstrated willingness to lock people out of their homes and businesses made the offer so attractive, too).


Comment by Lon Mead

At the EPA — they are Zealots. There aren’t all that many places where someone can work in an actual environmental job. They got all the kids all excited about saving the earth, and Colleges and Universities started offering environmental majors — but there aren’t really very many jobs, and what there are are in government, or in the environmental organizations. Remember when Obama tried to make a big deal about all the “green jobs” created, and they had to label the bus driver and city park workers, and secretaries that worked in a city parks office. Very few of the jobs on the “green” list were actually what anyone would consider an environmental job. Even installing the turbines and the solar arrays is usually done by the manufacturers, and the only jobs left are the guys who come around to service them.

Obama, Richard Epstein told us, does not change his mind. If he once believed in global warming he still believes.
Did you see the National Geographic cover of the Statue of Liberty half submerged? The Geographic believes, and corporate America believes. They are afraid not to, and they will continue to use packaging made from recycled paper, and “natural,” “ecologically” pure, and they recycle. Governments are waking up.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

[…] The Era of Climate Alarmism is Ending. It’s Over. […]


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