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The Geneva Interim Six Months “Agreement” by The Elephant's Child
November 29, 2013, 9:24 pm
Filed under: Politics

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Michael Ramirez must be having fun. There is such a wealth of material out there that it must be hard to choose.

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When does an “agreement” between nations rise to the level of a “treaty”? If the words are interchangeable, wouldn’t that mean that the “agreement” is in fact a treaty? And if it’s a treaty, doesn’t the Senate have to concur with a 2/3 plus one majority?

Seems to me that the Senate should be able to stop this disaster in its tracks. Republicans alone could generate 34 votes to sink the agreement. What President I’ll-obey-the-Constitution-when-it-suits-me would do then might not change his response to Iran, but it would puncture his posture of intellectual superiority. Kind of like asking “Did you just skip that part of the Constitution while you were at Harvard Law, Barry?”

Comment by Jim Yardley

Congress, even on the Democrat side, is not happy with this and inclined to increase sanctions rather than remove any. But I have no idea of the numbers. I don’t think this rises to the level of a treaty, and is within the purview of the president and the Sec. of State — unfortunately.

He seems to have a very naive and gullible view of Iran and the Middle East, and blames most of the problems of the region on Israel. He apparently believes that if he can just get Israel back within her original borders and the peace-process completed, then there will be peace in the region, and he will have earned his medal. He hasn’t got any old Washington hands around to advise as far as I know, and far too many lefty faculty types. I’m not sure if there is anyone who actually knows what they’re doing, and he’s busy remaking the armed forces to his ideas. He’s fired something like 180 top-rank commanding officers. I worry.

Comment by The Elephant's Child

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