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Wreaking Havoc on Healthcare, the Economy, Freedom and the Obama Legacy. by The Elephant's Child

The fabled and troubled website for enrolling in ObamaCare is, um, not going to meet the December 1, deadline., but we knew that in the  beginning. This is not a plan for improving health outcomes for the American people. It is entirely about social planning and redistribution of income. Forcing everyone to be “equal.”

Obama goes to great lengths to call the private insurance policies that we liked — “substandard”— because they don’t include the generous benefits of the four ObamaCare plans: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. What “substandard” means is that people were free to choose insurance that did not meet Obama’s social equity and income redistribution goals. Some people must pay extra for poor policies so others can pay less and receive extra benefits.

ObamaCare planners believe that they can mandate a rich level of “essential” health benefits that all individual plans must cover — regardless of cost. This year eHealth reported that its data show that individual premiums must be 47% higher than the old average to fund the new categories in the individual market.

The rules imposed by ObamaCare are resulting in a decidedly inferior product. Then new mandates raise costs, so insurers compromise by offering narrower and less costly networks of doctors, hospitals and other providers in their ObamaCare policies. For example pediatric vision care is mandated for all, even those who are childless or have grown children, and in exchange parents cannot take their really sick kids to splendid institutions like Seattle’s Children’s Hospital.

Obama has seemed remarkably uninterested in the details of his health care policies. He simply does not want to be bothered with details. If his project for transforming America is proceeding apace, that is what is important. Providing everyone who cannot afford the higher prices of the most basic plan with Medicaid is not improving health care for anyone. Because few doctors will accept Medicaid patients, wait times will be long, and outcomes are worse than for those going uninsured.

Canada’s population is around 36,137,500, and they are trying desperately to find ways to turn their health care back into a closer doctor/patient relationship. Wait times are far too long, and you can get a CT scan for your dog far sooner than you can get one for yourself. The population of the U.K is roughly 63,705,000, and not only failing, and killing the elderly, but going broke. But the Democrats in Congress are sure they can devise a plan for some 317,000,000 by forcing the entire population into four plans because one-size fits all. No need for diversity, well, except for favored constituencies like Unions, members of Congress, and whatever is the need for the next election. Pete du Pont commented:

ObamaCare embodies the usual hypocrisy of large liberal programs, as the administration bestows benefits and exemptions on favored constituencies and the politically connected. We see waivers for big labor, relief from inconvenient mandates for congressional staff, and decisions timed to minimize harm to Democrats in the next election. Conversely, those who don’t have politically correct views are ignored or mocked. We see lip service given to conscientious objections to abortion and birth control, but ObamaCare policies that run roughshod over these objections.

Perhaps most disappointing, we can observe in the administration’s handling of ObamaCare a now all too familiar subversion of the rule of law, a fundamental precept of our nation’s founding and of democracies everywhere. George Will notes that the administration has apparently decided it can adopt legislation by press conference as Mr. Obama simply announces changes to the law or that he will not enforce certain provisions. His administration then proceeds to strong-arm businesses and demonize critics.

There is the usual governmental failure to anticipate how people respond to economic incentives. Why would the administration expect the required large numbers of healthy, young people to enroll in ObamaCare in response to higher premiums? Why would the administration expect businesses to refrain from adjusting their staffing decisions based on the additional cost of ObamaCare?

It’s “coverage” not care, and if you think your new policy is expensive — wait till you see how much it costs next year — after the election, of course.


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