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I Took The Day Off by The Elephant's Child

Surgical Team Performing Surgery

Hot on the trail of ObamaCare’s tax on Medical Devices, I spent the day in outpatient surgery. Doctors and nurses remained remarkably cheery, were unfailingly kind, and used all sorts of medical devices in my care.

The tax is unbelievably stupid. Some small companies have gone out of business, others have laid off large numbers of employees. Economics 101 — if you want less of something, tax it. Fewer choices, less innovation, fewer splendid ideas will reach the marketplace. Everybody loses.

The administration pronounced vast improvements in the website,trying to pretend they had met the Dec. 1st deadline, but customers were still having a hard time signing up. Liberals seem not to understand that even if the website were working perfectly, ObamaCare would still be a disaster. They fail to understand human nature in hot pursuit of do-goodism. They do not understand health care, and they don’t understand basic economics. Other than that…

Long Day, need sleep. I’m fine.

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