American Elephants

Lessons in the Art of Plain Old Persistence, by The Elephant's Child


A retired mathematician found a rotting cabin, dating from 1830, in sad shape, but he determined to restore it — proving once more that persistence pays. This is the original 1830 cabin, or what was left of it. Much was rotting, but he labeled and transferred as much of it as possible to the family’s land. See the amazing story below the fold.

Here you can see the labels:

02-WImmb7j1 2

The foundation, now on his land, is mostly intact.


The restoration begins:


The project took ten years, not an easy task for just one man.


The foundation had to be built anew. Looks like a door to the space.


The fireplace, under construction for chilly nights, frosty mornings.


The fireplace is finished and the logs chocked.


Wow! The dream takes shape. Love the porch. Needs rocking chairs.


A cozy fire, and a kettle of something delicious for dinner simmering


The staircase has a story. A large oak fell on the property, and after a few days they decided to turn it into a staircase to the sleeping loft.


The 1830’s cabin completely restored and redone for 2013. Jealous?


Is that a pond in the distance? All the wood came from the property.


Ten years from wreck to this delightful cabin. It is a lesson for all of us in the value of persistence, and determination.  You can accomplish a lot if you just persist.

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