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Truth is Optional. The Health Insurance is Lousy. by The Elephant's Child


President Obama did another campaign speech for ObamaCare yesterday in the Rose Garden surrounded by sycophants who cheered on cue.

The most startling words were these:

So here’s the bottom line.The product, the health insurance is good. The prices are good. It is a good deal.”

Either Mr. Obama believes that telling the truth is optional, or he is completely uninformed about his namesake policy. The product, the health insurance is not good. The prices are outrageous for less care, and for benefits that are not wanted. Most of the Uninsured will be funneled into Medicaid.

There are few doctors who will see Medicaid patients. In New York, Medicaid pays 23¢ on the dollar that private insurance pays. In the rest of the country, it pays 40¢ on the dollar.

Liberals seem to believe that doctors are all rich and don’t need to make that much money. The deadweight cost of collecting funds paid into the Medicare “lock box” (there is no such thing), adds up to 20% of the amount collected.

Just a couple of statistics that should make it clear why ObamaCare will not work. The horror stories abound. Ideology trumps all.

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And then the other day Obama said that he was going to make “income inequality” his primary focus for the remainder of his term.

I’d be impressed if he could make it to the end of the week.

Actually, I think he’d blown that promise by the end of the day.

Obama pivots so much the Tasmanian Devil gets dizzy watching him.


Comment by Lon Mead

Peggy Noonan had an important piece in her blog in the Wall Street Journal, did you see it? The thrust of the post was that everyone assumes that Obama is brilliant — Columbia, Harvard — but it is becoming increasingly clear that he is not. He doesn’t know what he is doing. Now we learn that President Obama met with Kathleen Sebelius just once in the three and a half years before the launch of He attended the Presidential Daily Briefing — the report from intelligence services less than 44% of the time, but Jay Carney says he gets the info in written form instead, and is “a voracious consumer of all his briefing material.” Actually, he plays golf, campaigns, and fund raises.

Richard Epstein says that Obama imitates an intellectual, and plays a clever game of intellectual poker. He listens intently, and when his opponent is through, will quote back what they said in other words. He does not put his ideas out there to be shot down, and consequently never learns where he might have been wrong. And as we have all noticed, if he once believes something, his ideas are set in concrete. He does not change his mind. If he believed infrastructure was the answer, back when he admitted that some things weren’t shovel ready, he still believes that infrastructure is the answer.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

And the important takeaway from Noonan’s piece is that because Obama had this reputation for being “brilliant”, people don’t believe him when he pleads ignorance on as much as he does (oh, he could plausibly have gotten away with it a couple times, but with every major issue, it’s “I didn’t know”, or “I just heard about this”, or (my fave) “I wasn’t DIRECTLY informed”). I have no doubt that he reads his daily briefing… just as I have no doubt that Obama was a Rev. Wright’s church every Sunday without really hearing what Rev. Wright was saying. He listens, but doesn’t hear; he reads, but doesn’t comprehend. He IS clever, but not especially intelligent (I’m not saying he is in any way stupid – you cannot get elected President without having something on the ball). He is believes so strongly in the power of words, but his words have no Ideas behind them. He is not a man of conviction but of expedience. He is unable to keep his promises because he doesn’t really understand what a promise IS.

He uses words and thoughts like a bad carpenter with his tools… he knows HOW to drive a nail, but doesn’t understand that the WHERE and WHY are also important. He starts to build with out a plan, doesn’t measure properly, doesn’t cut properly, makes a dozen visits to the hardware store and STILL doesn’t have what he needs, and when what he builds doesn’t come out right, will insist it’s because he didn’t have the right tools. Have you ever seen someone with a dream workbench… Clean work area, tools of every size and type, everything mounted just so and in its proper place… who still somehow cannot hang picture that isn’t crooked. Compare that to the other guy you know… one hammer, couple of screwdrivers, wrench set, everything fits in a simple toolbox he keeps on a shelf in the garage, who can, with no fanfare or seeming effort, build a doghouse.

A rule of thumb (continuing a carpentry analogy) is “Measure twice, cut once”. I don’t think Obama has ever bothered to acquaint himself with the use of a measuring tape.


Comment by Lon Mead

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