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It Cannot Be Fixed. It’s Time To Pull the Plug. by The Elephant's Child

The entire policy thrust of the Left is towards a command and control economy. They basically believe that government should be run by highly educated experts, like themselves, who can make better decisions, better laws, and better policies for the nation. The people — the great unwashed out there — are unruly, unfair, not generous enough, unreliable, and need to be prodded and regulated into being, well, better.

The Left does not trust the people — “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” That happened to be President Obama, Democrats talk about the poor and try to give them all kinds of benefits, Obama phones, extended unemployment benefits, but they don’t do much about growing the economy and growing opportunity.

Their basic drive to regulate and control is just what is destroying the potential for growth. Businessmen are reluctant to hire, to expand, to try to grow their businesses because they don’t know what the Obama administration will do next. Which government agency will descend on them with new regulations, new taxes, new laws. If you wonder why this recovery is so shallow, so slow, it is directly attributable to government action and inaction. The environmental lobby must be appeased, because they help to fund Democrats, so a no-brains project like the Keystone XL pipeline must be put on hold, despite 20,000 needed jobs, not to speak of all the spin-off jobs and growth involved in building the project.

The “experts” were sure that they could devise a health care policy that would be far better than what the free market had offered, which was certainly imperfect, and once they got everybody under their control then it could gradually be moved into their dream of a “single payer” plan like Britain’s, that is killing off the old folks with neglect and rapidly going broke in the process.

But they are not “experts” — and they are proving day by day that they really had no idea how to build a health insurance program. The 30 million uninsured who were the supposed reason for the program will still be there — uninsured. They may be different people, but the numbers of uninsured are expected to be greater. Those millions who couldn’t get insurance because of pre-existing conditions have turned out to be 107,000 people.

People who have supposedly signed up, may not be, if they haven’t paid and their payment sent to the insurance company.  That is supposedly the part of the website that has not yet been written. Huge new deductibles may mean that, barring catastrophic events, the “insurance” isn’t worth it. The appalling part that is just beginning to be brought to our attention are all the people whose insurance is being cancelled as they are in the midst of treatment, surgery, recovery, and they are losing their doctor, access to the hospitals and clinics that they depended upon. People are going to die unnecessarily because of Democrat hubris.

If there were any real “experts,” they would pull the plug on this disastrous attempt at control of the health of the American people at once. Most people who have no urgent medical need may be all right. The program is so bad, so poorly thought out, that the observation of many of those who know most about it, believe that collapse from its own flaws is inevitable.


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