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Daniel Hannan on the Anglo Saxon Tradition by The Elephant's Child

In “Inventing Freedom”, Daniel Hannan reflects on the historical origin and spread of the principles that have made America great, and their role in creating a sphere of economic and political liberty that is as crucial as it is imperiled. Hannan argues that the ideas and institutions we consider essential to maintaining and preserving our freedoms — individual rights, private property, the rule of law, and the institutions of representative government — are the legacy of a very specific tradition that was born in England and that we Americans, along with other former British colonies, inherited.


David Hobson: A Little Rousing Joy by The Elephant's Child

David Hobson – Carols by Candlelight – The Holy City
Monday, 24th December 2012
Sidney Myer Music Bowl — Melbourne, Australia

Go ahead, enlarge this one to full screen.

And once again the scene was changed,
New earth there seemed to be.
I saw the Holy City
Beside the tideless sea.
The light of God was on its streets,
The gates were open wide,
And all who would might enter,
And no one was denied.
No need of moon or stars by night,
Or sun to shine by day;
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away,
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away.

(h/t: American Digest via Maggie’s Farm)

Um, Agreement in Geneva? Not So Fast! by The Elephant's Child

It appears that the Document agreed to in Geneva between the P5 +1 ( U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) and Iran might well be two different documents. Each side has a different interpretation of the interim understanding reached on November 24.

From the remarks of the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Jarad Zarif on Iranian television, the Geneva document does not legally obligate Iran. The Iranians regard enrichment as their right, and judges that it will need little time to recover its production capabilities of 20-percent enriched uranium. There will be no legal obligations. “Today, we are only unscrewing two taps between a cascade and if we decide to enrich uranium to 20 percent, we will do it in a period of 24 hours.”

Secretary Kerry, on the other hand, says that the measures will address “the most urgent concerns about Iran’s nuclear program. It locks in the most critical components of a nuclear program into place and impedes progress in those critical components in a way that actually rolls back the stockpile of enriched uranium and widens the length of time possible for breakout. That makes people safer.” He adds that daily access to key facilities will enable us to determine with greater certainty than ever before that Iran  is complying.

There you go. That should make you feel better. It could, of course, be worse. The media is reminding us that there is a giant caldera under Yellowstone Park that could explode any time and destroy the whole country.


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