American Elephants

Impaled! Or “Hoist With My Own Petard.” by The Elephant's Child

Practically just got out of the hospital, and had to go to the emergency room today. I was doing some mending on the sewing machine, and managed to sew a needle right through my thumbnail. Not pretty, but a bit of a comedy of errors. Could hear the doctor out in the hall trying to find a pair of pliers in this splendidly pristine  institution. “Doesn’t anyone have a tool kit?” ” Doesn’t the janitor have some pliers?” “Has anyone got a Leatherman?” He finally found a tool. Then offered a choice between getting two numbing shots, or — just yanking it out.” I opted for the latter, and it really wasn’t all that bad. Got ice, a tetanus shot, nice cleansing, more ice , and a band-aid. Stupid accident, but I couldn’t pull the damn thing out myself.

A petard was a small bomb intended to blow doors or gates, and the saying “Hoist with your own petard, meant you got blown up with your own device, or don’t try to blame anyone else, it was entirely your own fault.  That fits. Some days are just like that.

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