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Healthcare Costs Started Declining in 2003 — Because of ObamaCare That Began on January 1? by The Elephant's Child

In the beginning there was darkness upon the land, and then we were blessed with the coming of the lightbringer. Before, the costs of health care were spiraling out of control, and people were dying in the streets for lack of care, but people were also using the emergency rooms too much and costs of health care were spiraling out of control, so which is it? The White House, as usual will accept no blame for anything that does not work, and attempt to take credit for anything that actually does work.

For years, healthcare costs in America skyrocketed, with brutal consequences for our country. The Affordable Care Act, for the first time in decades, has helped to stop that trend.” Thus wrote one Jeanne Lambrew, healthcare adviser to President Obama.

That’s one take. The administration has noticed, finally, that costs have been coming down, and they desperately want to claim credit for this. Unfortunately, the
Web2c0108.gif.cms costs of healthcare started coming down long before ObamaCare began to take effect. Credit goes to the private sector, to new technologies that brought us marvelous new diagnostic machines, new medicines that prevent or delay disease, lower drug costs. Businesses have increasingly shifted to consumer-directed plans that encourage workers to watch their health care spending. Health savings accounts have exploded in popularity, because they work. HSAs now account for more than 20% of the employer market up from zero in 2005. A RAND study concluded that expanding the HSA market share to 50% would cut health care costs by nearly $60 billion a year.

Wal-Mart offers its employees individual coverage for about $40 a month, with a deductible of $2,750, access to a wide network of doctors and hospitals, and at least $250 deposited in a worker’s own health reimbursement account, according to the Washington Examiner.

Under ObamaCare, the best a 27 year-old can do in any one of 18 major cities is $122 a month for the skimpiest bronze plan. Even with subsidies, a young worker making just $29,000 a  year will still pay more than $110 a month for ObamaCare insurance according to the Kaiser Family Foundation — and that’s for plans that have limited provider networks and deductibles over $6,000.

You’ve seen the prices of policies under ObamaCare, and the huge deductibles. The young people who are expected to pay for the older folks are not signing up at all, the things that were supposed to save all sorts of money — like less use of emergency rooms are turning out to be false, as they were in Massachusetts under Romney Care.

Computerizing everything has cost a bundle, and my doctor says that mistakes are common, which makes sense considering how often I make a typo. People are denied access to the doctors they need because they are out of the network. ObamaCare plans do not cover travel, or anything out of the network. Democrats are sure that the problems are only in the website and will be fixed, but I don’t know how long Obama can keep changing the law by executive decree.

People are beginning to notice that a  president does not legally get to do that.

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