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The State of the Union? Not Good, Not Improving. by The Elephant's Child
January 27, 2014, 7:12 pm
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“President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night will seek to shift the public’s souring view of his leadership, a challenge the White House sees as critical to shaping the nation’s policy direction over the next three years,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

He will emphasize his intention to use unilateral presidential authority to bypass Congress when they won’t do what he wants. And he thinks that what will fix the public’s very sour view of his leadership is more failure to abide by the Constitution he swore to defend? More gangster government? Well, yes, that’s apparently what he has in mind.

Mr. Obama will stress that he intends to take unilateral action on a host of other issues: infrastructure development, job training, climate change and education. Administration officials hinted broadly at the assertive new direction Sunday.

Mr. Obama has been saying for 4½ years that he was going to save the country with “infrastructure development,” “job training,” “climate change,” and “education.” He developed no infrastructure, except an airport that got one flight a week, guardrails by a dry lake, and a sheepish announcement that there weren’t any shovel ready projects after all.

Last I heard was that there were 47 different federal job-training programs, and no evidence that they were successful in putting people to work. Mr. Obama doesn’t need to work on climate change. The climate stopped warming 17½ years ago. The climate is always warming and cooling, and there is no need for alarm. If he paid attention to what is going on, he would notice that the Europeans are getting out of the climate change business as fast as they can. They have decided that they cannot afford big investments in wind and solar energy.

Mr. Obama has repeated this list endlessly, but it means nothing. He says what he thinks will please — he tells Americans that they can keep their doctor, that their new insurance will cost $2,500 less, that they can keep their hospital, and none of that was true and he knew it when he said it.

His main issues will be immigration reform, because his business supporters want more foreign workers. If he is concerned about employment he might work on improving the employment situation instead. Hiking the minimum wage is an unemployment act for young people. In recent weeks White House adviser Valerie Jarrett has “reached out to chief executives seeking commitments that they won’t discriminate against the long-term unemployed in hiring practices.” Companies, of course, are not obligated to hire the long-term unemployed.

And, you will not be surprised to hear that Mr. Obama will attempt to follow through by hitting the road for campaign speeches in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Tennessee. He is always more comfortable when he is campaigning.

In our brilliant system, the government is constrained by a network of checks and balances. Each branch prevents the others from tyrannizing the citizenry. The legislative branch cannot make a law without presidential approval — except in the rare event of an override. Neither can a president create a law by whim — he can only sign into law legislation that’s been passed by Congress. …

Principled members of Congress should spend the next days and weeks challenging his usurpation of power in the court of public opinion — and in a court of law. Americans are not subjects of a king.


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On the plus side, there’s State of the Union Bingo!

Pretty much the only entertainment to be had from him… and safer than a drinking game (“Take shot every time Obama says “I”…” imagine the cases of alcohol poisoning local emergency rooms would be dealing with!).


Comment by Lon Mead

I don’t think the League of Women Voters (I wonder who belongs to that today?) has a very good grasp of the reality of what Obama will say. Not a single square for “I.”


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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