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Losing 2.5 Million More Jobs? “Liberating! A Better Choice!” by The Elephant's Child
February 5, 2014, 9:38 pm
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The Congressional Budget Office’s report estimating that ObamaCare will cause the economy to lose the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs is a remarkable flashing red light in the debate about the Affordable Care Act. The reaction from the left is beyond comprehension. At one time, even Democrats agreed that full employment was a desirable aim. Desirable, but the most simple knowledge of economics seems to have escaped the Left.

The CBO says that because ObamaCare’s means-tested subsidies phase out as cash income rises, some people will choose to stay poorer to keep earning welfare benefits. Some, like Nancy Pelosi, are extolling ObamaCare for “liberating” workers from the adult responsibility of earning a living.

Jason Furman, the White House Chief Economist, said “this is a choice on the part of workers.”  CBO’s lost workers are splendid, Mr. Furman argued, because it means they will simply be making a rational decision to drop out or cut back, and “that, in their case, might be a better choice and better option than what they had before.”

That is so insulting. The American people want jobs. The number one worry of the American people is jobs and employment. Something that seems not to have penetrated the blockheads in Washington. Economic confidence, according to Gallup, is at –12, and heading down. Liberals are trying to spin the CBO report as an endorsement of ObamaCare’s alleged “health security.” Mr.Furman cited “job lock”, a phenomenon in which people don’t switch employers or start their own business in order to preserve the benefits. “Job Lock” is really about employment flexibility, rather than the government extending subsidies so people don’t need or want jobs.

After the initial display of the workings of ObamaCare, doctors lost, hospitals lost, insurance lost, who in the world would trust the federal government?

It may be a surprise to Liberals, but there are limits to borrowing, limits to constantly increasing spending. There are limits to how much you can take away from “the rich” to support constantly increasing welfare.

The Administration’s dishonest attempt to embroider over the CBO report to disguise the report simply shows how damaging the report truly is with respect to ObamaCare.

As predicted by its conservative opponents, ObamaCare has destroyed jobs, increased spending, and made health care less accessible to everyone. In 2024, there will still be 31 million people in the U.S. without health insurance. Paychecks will be smaller, yet we are told that one half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  How does that work?

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