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Miscalculation, Misunderstanding or Blunder? Or All Three? by The Elephant's Child

The situation in the Ukraine continues to deteriorate. Putin has invaded the Crimea, as expected. President Obama skipped the National Security Meeting on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

A Ukrainian official at the U.N. said an additional 15,000 Russian troops were streaming into Crimea after President Vladimir Putin received formal approval from the upper chamber of parliament to send forces into his neighboring country.

Ukrainian officials said two Russian anti-submarine warships had approached the coastline near Sevastopol, violating the two countries’ agreement on the Russian naval base there.

These moves came shortly after Obama said in the White House press briefing that “the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.” There’s a statement designed to send chills down the backbone of any Russian czar, or not.

“Russian troops will remain deployed until the “political-social situation in the country is normalized,” the Kremlin said.

President Obama skipped the National Security Meeting on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine., but I repeat myself.

He told us so back when he was running for office, but you didn’t pay attention. Richard Fernandez notes:

During the height of the Cold War it was believed that having to emphasize the obvious represented a failure of policy. Deterrence had to be self-evident; a daily thing. You didn’t go on the air to issue bloodcurdling warnings. You didn’t have to because stability was there, part of the normal like the air or the earth. The Russian president only had to look at the his daily briefing to know that the USAF was flying and hence that the day could begin as peacefully as the previous one.

Well, when the world heats up, just issue a firm statement — “there will be costs.” That should do it.


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Did you ever wonder why “neglect” is considered as serious an offense as “abuse”? Because neglect can lead to long-term complications that can be extremely difficult to fix. This is the serious danger the Obama administration poses to the world, and the principal reason he has so little respect in the world.


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