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Fort Hood — Four and a Half Years and Waiting! by The Elephant's Child


The 2009 Fort Hood shooting is ancient history for most people. But the House Homeland Security committee will hold a hearing regarding various aspects of the administration’s response to the 2009 Fort Hood shooting.

Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) wants an explanation for why the incident is still being classified as “workplace violence” as opposed to terrorism. He wants to know why victims of the attack still have not received Purple Hearts, and why benefits for the families of all survivors have not yet been provided. This is a cause that Texas Senators Ted Cruz(R-TX) and John Cornyn (R-TX) have been pursuing.

The victims say they feel abandoned by the U.S. government and by their military. The Pentagon last year fought efforts to award the Purple Heart out of concern that doing so could harm Hasan’s chance at receiving a fair trial.

For The Record contacted the Army 15 times since December requesting an on-camera interview, but was given only an emailed statement saying that while the Army has no “intelligence or findings to date that indicate Hasan was under the direction or control of a foreign element, we stand ready to act accordingly should any evidence to the contrary be presented. If the U.S. Congress acts to change the standard, we will adhere to that direction.”

More than 80 survivors and victims’ family members have joined in a civil suit against high-ranking officials seeking compensation and answers — yet they feel their suit has hit a “roadblock.”

The victims and the attorneys who represent them say their civil suit has been blocked from proceeding by numerous excuses and legal motions set in to place by the Army and the Department of Defense. They say the current motion to stay the civil case and temporarily halt the proceedings is to give the base commander the opportunity to review the transcripts of Hasan’s trial. In a federal court, transcripts are immediately made available at the end of a trial, but that’s not the case in a military court martial like Hasan had.

This is a shameful situation. Is it all about the embarrassment of high officials at the extent to which they ignored warning after warning because of simple political correctness? Or will revealing that — trace the orders to be politically correct lead to the Pentagon and top brass?

It is not as if the American people are unaware of the administration’s delusion that if we are just nice to Muslims, the problem of terrorism will go away. We can talk. Reasonable people can find ways to agree.  The illusion keeps popping up in Libya, in Egypt, in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in dealings with Iran. But we’re just not as good at “conversation” as we think we are. Our opponents remain deeply unimpressed, and welcome our weakness.


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