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A Moment in January, 2009, a Moment That Will Live, or Not. by The Elephant's Child

Going through a bunch of stuff I had saved for one reason or another, I ran across this, which I offer up without comment:

Over at National Review, in 2009, a reader wrote to Jay Nordlinger, sending him something that had appeared in his inbox that morning.

It is Sunday evening about 9:30. [So-and-so] and I were just watching the pre-inaugural events in Washington and were quite moved by the purity and optimism being expressed. So I came up with an idea, and a request. Please know that this has no political agenda. I want to appeal to that inner dimension of you/us that runs deeper than politics or religion or race or nationality or gender or sexual orientation or age or body size or physical abilities or whatever else we can use to keep ourselves lost in the painful illusion that we are separate from one another and from our own divinity and from Mother Earth. The following is an invitation to participate in a collective visualization that could help turn the course of the human race and of Mother Earth

So here goes:

On Tuesday morning, during the swearing-in ceremony of Barack Obama, let’s constructively use the energy of the love that will be flowing in abundance all around the world during the whole morning, especially during his speech. The invitation is to first feel into the energy and inspiration that is being touched in you by watching the morning’s events.

Then, at some moment during Obama’s speech, close  your eyes and begin to visualize these very moments are literally the turning point in world history. Know that this speech will be referred to by future generations as the defining moment that everyone had been waiting for. See people all over the world be inspired by Obama’s kind heart and his safe presence and his uncanny intelligence.

Then allow your heart to become even more tender and allow  yourself to be gently touched and moved that, at last, there is an end to the fear and hatred in our hearts. The fear and hatred that have perpetuated the recent downward spiral of violence, wars and economic contraction. Literally, close your eyes and visualize this very moment as the beginning of the emergency of a new level of harmony within yourself, with your family and neighbors, and with all human beings no matter what their race, religion, nationality, sexual preference, body size or capabilities, or any other way we see ourselves as separate or different, rather than looking to the deeper levels where we are all the same. We just want to love and be loved.

The environment is recovering as human beings are at last attuned to Nature’s beauty and sensitive balance. We are taking the dramatic steps necessary to reverse the violence we have done to her. See people’s priorities shifting to simply enjoying Nature and one another, living in the abundance created by loving one another.

If this suggestion feels right to you, tune in on Tuesday and play your part in allowing Obama’s inauguration to be a turning point in human history. You and I have the power to change the world with our hearts.

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I’m not sure where it originated, but this went around to a lot of people… I got it, too. At the time, a friend of mine was seriously concerned with the whole “Obama as Messiah” thing. I just looked at it all as a bunch of silliness. After all, in order to be taken seriously, Obama would have to be successful at more than just getting elected.

I rather think of Obama as having the Midas Touch – everything he comes in contact with turns into a muffler.


Comment by Lon Mead

I love the “Midas Touch”. I don’t know if all the Obama-Messiah stuff came from the Obama campaign, but a lot of the left really fell for it—as did Obama himself, with Valerie Jarrett to urge it along. So many seemed to believe — really believe — that Obama was something special, that he would transform the country, and even now, I’m seeing serious articles where the authors acknowledge the things that the right is saying, but they cannot accept it because Obama is too special, too perfect. It’s like the entire Left has gone completely nuts. This is not the same left we had even during the Bush administration. They just do not, cannot, recognize that he has made a colossal mess of things. It’s weird and troubling.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Well, you have to remember that a large part of the “Obama as Trancendant” was worked up (with full knowledge of David Axelrod) as a means of sidestepping the issue of Obama’s serious lack of experience doing just about anything, and because he kept all of his campaign “promises”, such as they were, as vague as possible, people were able to project almost anything onto him. The media helped, of course. It was (and is) all a bit ridiculous.


Comment by Lon Mead

He has learned a little. He turned up to sympathize at Hurricane Sandy, and the photo ops from that won him reelection, so he turned up at the disastrous landslide up by Oso, and now he’s gone to the latest Tornado. It will be comforting to those who lost family and friends, but it is a political ploy, not real concern. Now we have the National Climate Assessment to blame weather events on Global Warming and the lapdog press is lapping it up. In April global warming registered an absolute zero on the list of public concerns. Can he scare the public into keeping the Senate Democratic? The Left has discovered that there’s lots of money to be made out of the Global Warming scare.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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