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The President Wants To Change The Subject. Please! by The Elephant's Child

The beleaguered Obama administration is anxious to change the national dialogue. Enough with the Benghazi, IRS, and Veterans Administration scandal talk. No more distractions about foreign policy and Russia, Crimea,
Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Israel, China.

Let’s change the subject to ‘The National Climate Assessment.’ If you are going to be scared, be scared about ‘Climate Change:’ “Due to Climate Change, THE WEATHER IS GETTING MORE EXTREME. Temperatures are rising across the United States. Temperatures from 2001 to 2012 were warmer than any previous decade in every region.”

Well, no it’s not. There has been no warming whatsoever in seventeen years and 9 months. None. The sun has gone quiet. It snowed this weekend in the Rockies with 5″ in Denver, and heat waves elsewhere. It’s called weather. Climate is a statistic about worldwide temperatures.

The president fulminates about carbon pollution, but carbon is not a pollutant but one of the building blocks of life. If you eliminated carbon, you would eliminate life. Those who object to the politicization of climate are referred to as ‘deniers,’ or the slightly better ‘skeptics,’ and regarded with horror by the true-believers. Here is the “Skeptic’s Case” — Climate Change in 12 minutes from Dr. David Evans.

and another is the 50 to 1 video:

Which examines the true cost of climate change. Can we stop it? What is the cost? Or can we just adapt to whatever change there is as untold generations have? And what is the right temperature anyway?

Or if you have  time for an hour-long movie, here is The Great Global Warming Swindle, aired on BBC in 2007 which is way more interesting, but longer:

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Not to belabor the very obvious point, but the concept that this report serves any purpose OTHER THAN the political is ludicrous, something that is borne out by the simple fact that this was ready for publication and release in early March. Why not release it then? Well, it was still cold, you see. And Obama was just “pivoting” to something else.

No, they had to hold the release until they were fairly sure that Mother Nature wouldn’t embarrass them again. And lo, notice how they have use the timing of the release to start talking about CLOSE TO RECORD-BREAKING TEMPERAURES (but don’t really actually break the records) and TRIPLE-DIGIT TEMPERATURES in places like Los Angeles and San Diego and Phoenix (you know, the desert) and Dallas and Atlanta and Charlotte (in the South, where 100+ degree days are not unusual).

I remember a time when, in northeast Texas where I grew up, we had over one hundred 100+ degree days in a row. We generally referred to it as summer vacation. Drink more water from the hose, play in the shade, try not to get sunburned. We generally looked forward to the middle of September, when it would start cooling off to the low-90’s.

And the recommended prescriptions for “fixing” this non-existent “problem”? None of those guys have any intention whatsoever of altering any of THEIR habits. The Goracle isn’t going to sell any of his houses (none of which have solar panels… they’re unsightly and reduce property values, don’cha know). Obama will continue to use Air Force One (a modified 747 that uses more gallons of fuel during take-off than you have used in your car IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE) for trivial purposes. Changing behavior and habits is something other people do.

Once again, I am amazed that people who preach Darwin’s Theory of evolution do not believe that humans are capable of adapting to a predicted .03 degree Celsius temperature change. That people who were able to pick up and move the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 1500 feet farther from shore would be incapable of building retaining walls to hold back predicted sea-level increases of slightly more than an inch in the next hundred years.

Critical thinking and common sense would get these people laughed off the stage. No wonder they discourage it.


Comment by Lon Mead

Ah, but the Santa Barbara City Council wanted to paint a line across the middle of the city to show how high the seas were going to come. True believers who are confronted by a skeptic are reduced to screaming disbelief. A lot of people just don’t keep up with — current events. They’re busy with other stuff, and use their spare time to be entertained. I think the Founders were smarter than we are because they did not have the distractions of radio, TV, Internet or even much in the way of newspapers. That left a lot of time to think and talk.

A while back, the polar bears were going extinct because the Arctic was melting and they couldn’t survive without the ice. This year the polar bears are in real trouble because there’s too much ice, and nobody notices the absurdity. Matt Ridley talked about camping out on one of the farthest North of the Falklands years ago, and there were lots of birds, no bears. The islanders said it was too far away for polar bears. He inquired about going to the same camp recently and was told that it was dangerous because of the bears.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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