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Is it Our Actions That Are To Blame, Or Our Perceptions? by The Elephant's Child

The folks at Reason offer up an explanation for our political problems, in one simple, devastating graph.  Read it and weep! (click to enlarge)




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And the answer to this dilemma is … ?


Comment by Subsidy Eye

It has never been so easy to be well-informed. Once we were dependent on our daily paper, now we can read every major newspaper in the world, and we have the whole internet. If our incumbents are doing a good job, by all means return them to office if not, not. There has never been so little excuse for not being knowledgeable or so easy to inform our representatives of our opinion.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I agree. But most U.S. voters seem to get their news either from Fox News, the Daily Kos, or shock jocks. You can lead a horse to water and all that …


Comment by Subsidy Eye

I understand a large proportion get their news from late night entertainers. You’ve probably seen the video where students at George Mason know who sings the latest songs, but have no idea whether Benghazi is a place or a disease. I was probably nearly that politically ignorant when I was in college. I remember returning home from grad school on Greyhound, and had some College sophomores in the seat in front of me, and I was embarrassed because I was sure I had sounded like that when I was a sophomore. But kids now have instant access to the internet. I had no radio, no TV and no iPhone, and never saw a daily paper.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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