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The Newest Dietary Advice — Bacon and Eggs Are Good For You! by The Elephant's Child


All those things the federal government told you that you must not eat—nevermind! Butter is fine; bacon is good; steak—wonderful if you can afford the rapidly climbing price; cheese, salami, hamburger, great. Ice cream— fine; nuts, hot dogs and fried chicken all o.k.. It’s the complex carbohydrates that trigger the release of insulin. A high fat diet has been shown to be better for you, and we have been in error about shifting our diets so dramatically away from meat, dairy and cheese, shifting our calories to carbohydrates instead. For breakfast, instead of oatmeal go for bacon, eggs, sausage and whole fat yogurt.

We have recently learned that those vitamin pills we scarf down in hopes of health don’t do a lick of good, and we should save our money.

Organic foods only advantage is that they are usually about 30% more expensive. They are not more nutritious, nor better for you in any way. They are still grown with pesticides— just “natural” ones like those made from pyrethrums (very poisonous). The term “organic” is merely a marketing ploy, and farmers agree to use all “natural’ stuff like manure in growing their crops—which take about a third more land to grow.

Like most other things, the government doesn’t know best about what you should eat or what your children should eat. Michelle Obama’s decree about what children should eat in the National School Lunch Program is leaving kids hungry, angry, and with dumpsters full of rejected food. More than 500 schools have pulled out of the federal lunch program as a result of the Obama regulations. Kids have taken to Twitter to post photos of the meager burgers on sorry buns and sorry little skim milk cartons, mystery meat, and a few straggly cheese shreds on a massive tortilla. Schools are losing money on the program.

Mrs. Obama was surely well-intentioned, but dependent on the ideas that carbs were good, meat and cheese should be limited, fruit is always good and cherry tomatoes and catsup are excellent vegetables. But a healthy lunch remains what Mrs. Obama says it is so far.

And all the gluten-free stuff? You don’t need that unless you have coeliac disease. Feel better now?

Southern England Holds Billions of Barrels of Shale Oil by The Elephant's Child

Shale rock underneath some of the wealthiest counties in the south of England may contain billions of barrels of oil, a government report said. The Weald basin covers counties south of London, including Surrey and Sussex, may have oil in quantities as large as 8.6 billion barrels, according to a British Geological Survey report published on the 23rd. It was also noted that the potential for shale gas may be limited.

Britain is required by law to shut down their elderly gas-fired power plants. Dependence on alternative sources like wind has not turned out to be as dependable as advocates assumed. They have been reduced to importing wood pellets from U.S. North Carolina forests.

The Bowland basin, which extends across east and northwest England may hold as much as 1,300 trillion cubic feet of gas. That would be enough to meet demand for almost half a century if they had extraction rates similar to US. fields. The U.K. government has offered tax breaks to drillers to stimulate the infant industry.


The European Union is determined to shift away from dependence on Russian gas imports, according to a draft European Commission document on energy security. Producing oil and gas from shale could partially compensate for declining conventional production. There will be the usual protests about high volumes of water, sand and chemicals to drill shale, and whether it can damage the environment. Probably more protests than we have experienced. Big steps forward always being out the Luddites.

The European Union has enough gas trapped in shale to free the bloc from reliance on Russian energy supplies for about 28 years if the member countries are prepared to extract it. Russia has been fairly clear that they are prepared to use their vast supplies of gas as blackmail.

According to Reuters, Russia is the world’s top oil producer, but is pumping near capacity. It needs advanced technologies to sustain their output. They want a boom in unconventional oi; output by the start of the next decade. They are targeting a new shale oil boom by the next decade.

It would be very good news indeed if Britain and the EU are self-sufficient in energy, and cannot be blackmailed by Russia, who is inclined to do just that.

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