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The Question Everybody is Asking? Why? by The Elephant's Child


The American people are struggling to understand why President Obama would release five extremely dangerous top Taliban commanders to get a deserter back. The whole thing just reeks of incompetence—from the Rose Garden photo-op with Private Bergdahl’s parents to the spin attempts with Susan Rice once again on the Sunday shows with whoppers that no one believed, and Defense Secretary Hagel’s attempt to portray a poor POW in failing health, who must be rescued to save his life.

Did no one vet the Bergdahl parents before their Rose Garden appearance, or suggest that it would be better if Mr. Bergdahl did not lean into the microphone and start speaking Pashto? The video from the Taliban shows a fit and healthy Bergdahl with a gift scarf that concerts to a turban, and they want it known they were kind to him and considered him a friend. The worst of the worst, released from Gitmo to the run of the country in Qatar, have been joined by their families, free to …what remains to be seen. The result of releasing bad guys should be flashing a red light.

It is reasonable to assume that the young Obama did not play Army the way my son and his friends did. I wonder if he watched military movies like The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan? Why would Obama refer to the Taliban as ‘folks?’ These are ‘folks’ given to beheading people, blinding or killing little girls for the crime of wanting to go to school. Afghan villagers are terrified of the release of Taliban leaders and have strong memories of the atrocities they committed.

According to the Washington Post:

The negotiations for Bergdahl’s release took shape in the early months of 2011 and evolved over the next three years into the agreement announced over the weekend.

When the talks began as part of what U.S. officials hoped would be a broader Afghan peace effort, U.S. envoys were forbidden to offer any detainees held in the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as part of a trade for Bergdahl. According to people familiar with the process, negotiators were allowed to include only Taliban fighters held at the detention center at Bagram air base, outside Kabul.

Top Army officers were so anxious to keep the matter a secret that they directed Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers to sign a non-disclosure agreement about Bergdahl’s 2009 decision to walk away from duty in Afghanistan.

An ugly situation, not improved by the spin attempts. Harry Reid claims to have been notified though no one else was. Harry Reid also claims that the president had to act fast to save Bergdahl’s life because the Taliban were going to kill him if the agreement leaked which would seem to be debunked by the video released by the Taliban of Bergdahl’s release and the helicopter extraction.

The White House seems to believe that America, as a war-mongering, bullying country, is the source of much of the evil in the world. We are not an exceptional country and should conform to international norms. When we are no longer bullies, we can make peace with the other countries of the world, and lead by example. This will lead to peace between a militant Israel and a peaceable Palestine, which will bring a real peace to the Middle East, because Israel is the source of all the troubles in the Middle East. Never mind the Sunni-Shia problems, Iran’s rush to develop intercontinental nuclear weapons, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and all their offshoots. Nice peace agreements are imminent if only we are more modest and moderate—or monumentally misguided.

A White House that believes a peace agreement with Iran is just around the corner if we only remove all sanctions (that brought them to the bargaining table in the first place), is beyond delusional. So we will continue to extract our support from our friends and hew to “international norms” (this is a good thing?) He told us in the beginning that he wanted to fundamentally transform America. Why didn’t we listen? We didn’t believe him. Remember the  embarrassing  Nobel Peace Prize?


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Then we also have a Marine in jail in Mexico because he was found with loaded weapons in his vehicle. My first thought as to why Obama hasn’t lifted a finger to get him out of jail (after all, he has made sure to let us know that he has a phone); there’s no one in Guantanamo that Obama could trade for him. Then, of course there is the other reason… when Bergdahl deserted (I’m not going to call what he did anything other than what it is), he left his guns behind, as opposed to the Marine, who is jail BECAUSE of his guns.

Actually, I’m getting kind of impressed by the Obama administration; lately, every time they screw up, they try to divert attention from their screw-up by committing… ANOTHER SCREW-UP! You have to sort of admire a group of people who insist on being so tenaciously incompetent (I have to think it’s deliberate at this point… the alternative is taking responsibility and actually trying to improve, which is beyond the capabilities of this administration, so they don’t even try THAT option).


Comment by Lon Mead

Wonderful comment, and right on!


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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