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Remy: God Bless the USA [VA Scandal Edition] by The Elephant's Child

Remy remakes the Lee Greenwood classic for the administrators of today’s Veterans Administration hospitals.

Iraq and the Release of Taliban Leaders from Guantanamo may have pushed the VA Hospital Scandal off the front pages, but nobody has forgotten or forgiven. Americans care about their veterans.

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As someone who actually uses the VA medical system, I can say that this is NOT a parody. This just reflects reality.


Comment by Jim Yardley

Yes, I thought so. I don’t hear anyone talking about the real cause. The incentives are all wrong. Obama assumed it was fixed when he ordered that vets had to be seen within 14 days (or was it 15). I don’t know if it was bad before, but that surely made it worse. Because of the unions and other regulations in place, wait time was the only place where efficiency could be measured.

The Brits got in trouble with the same thing. Ordered to shorten wait times and be more efficient, they were parking patients in ambulances rather than get them into the emergency room. Because they were ordered to cut costs, they started using dirty sheets over again, cutting back on personnel so old folks didn’t get drinking water or attention. Same thing will happen with ObamaCare. The goal of the government immediately becomes controlling costs because the incentive is for people to use more health care when it doesn’t cost them.

It’s already started. The Democrats were sure that having insurance, free for many, would mean that people wouldn’t use the emergency room so much, and are astounded that use has actually gone up — raising costs. Medicare drug costs will climb drastically because Democrats eliminated the “donut hole” which was a big incentive to use generics and keep cost down. You have to get the incentives right.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

You might want to read the article I had published at American Thinker a couple of weeks ago “Another Source for the Problems at the VA”.

The web address for that is:


Comment by Jim Yardley

Thanks, Jim. I missed that one the first time.

    Excellent column!

I pointed out the Gitmo-VA contrast too in an earlier post. As a complete outsider. I have no particular credibility, while as an insider your voice should count loudly. I see that the administration has announced to the world and ISIS that we have evacuated the embassy and left a very small contingent of marines to defend it. In the meantime Kerry is off talking about climate. Every time you think Obama can’t do much more damage, he proves us wrong.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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