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The Stagnant Swamp of Partisan Politics At The IRS Reeks Even More. by The Elephant's Child

“The IRS did not follow the law in its handling of emails that it says were lost when former official Lois Lerner’s computer crashed according to the top official with the National Archives.”

Ferriero said he was concerned that the IRS didn’t follow records-keeping procedures laid out in the Federal Records Act and didn’t tell the Archives that records could have been lost. The archivist said he only learned of the missing Lerner emails this month, and the IRS has said it’s known there were at least issues with the emails since February.

In a letter last week, the Archives also asked the IRS to tell them within a month whether the potential disposal of Lerner’s records was broader than what has already been reported, and for more details on what the agency did to try to preserve those records.

Trey Gowdy takes on IRS Commissioner John Koskinen:

From The Daily Signal:

“Under a consent judgment today, the IRS has agreed to pay $50,000 in damages to the National Organization for Marriage  as a result of the unlawful release of confidential information to a gay rights group, the Human Rights Campaign, that is NOM’s chief political rival.”

“Congress made the disclosure of confidential tax return information a serious matter for a reason,” NOM Chairman John D. Eastman told The Daily Signal. “We’re delighted that the IRS has now been held accountable for the illegal disclosure of our list of major donors from our tax return.”

One would assume that a newly appointed IRS Commissioner (Dec.,2013) would be interested in restoring the reputation of the agency of the federal government that most needs public respect, as they handle the tax returns and confidential information of all American taxpayers.

“IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is known as a “turnaround specialist” who has helped to rescue failed or failing enterprises. He has an impressive educational background and career. For the Obama administration however, his loyalty to the Democratic Party and record of big financial contributions going back to Walter Mondale. Appointment of loyal financial contributors being appointed to office is nothing unusual, but in this case, the IRS is accused of rank partisanship in its treatment of American taxpayers. Koskinen is already under fire for having some difficulty with the truth. Koskinen is clearly there to assist in an administration  cover-up.

In March, Koskinen testified that the emails could not be retrieved more quickly because they had to be screened. Subsequently he has testified that he knew in March that the emails could not be retrieved. He testified that IRS emails are not necessarily records, and can be deleted at will. Federal law does not eliminate emails.

The American people are coming to the conclusion that the IRS cannot be trusted, the Commissioner is there to assist in a cover-up, and has no intention of reforming the agency. The traditional approach to government crisis management means a trusted figure is brought in to restore public confidence in a troubled federal agency. This is, however, the Obama administration.


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About 10 years ago I tried to get copies of my 1975 and 1976 tax returns as I was trying to locate ex wife and her soc sec # would be helpful. At that time they said they kept no records that far back. I would think they kept tax records forever.


Comment by Carl D'Agostino

The IRS has only 3 years to begin an audit, but financial advisors suggest you should keep 1040s and supporting evidence forever. They don’t trust the IRS either. They might keep your records, but if you ask them for any evidence of anything, it got lost. Have all these agencies been instructed to cover-up or is it a simple matter of everybody copying the rot at the top?


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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