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Obama Says Borders More Secure Than Ever, Ninety Thousand Unaccompanied Children are Republican’s Fault. by The Elephant's Child


The Department of Homeland Security will not say how many illegals they are releasing into the U.S. What seemed like a good idea in advance of the election to please Hispanic voters turned into a flood of “unaccompanied children” that seem to be mostly not “unaccompanied children” but teen-aged young men, many gang members.

Ninety thousand young illegals are expected by the end of the year, and 150,000 next year. Major boo-boo by the Obama administration. Joe Biden was sent to Guatemala City to tell officials to stop telling people that kids or mothers with young children could get into the U.S. free. He got lectured on how U.S. immigration policies should be more accommodating, and don’t even think of returning them.  So far only 3 percent of OTM (other than Mexican) apprehensions are being repatriated to their home countries.

Many are being shipped to various military bases. Warehouses are being retrofitted. DHS is ordering large quantities of men’s underwear, mostly extra-large, destined for El Paso, Texas.

According to the Associated Press, the Obama administration has released into the U.S. over 40,000 illegal immigrant families. Officials directly familiar with the issue, including at the Department of Homeland Security, won’t say publicly how many they have released, though the government clearly knows the number. The Obama administration doesn’t want to reveal  “politically sensitive information” that might influence policy debates. That’s in addition to the 52,000 “children.’ The government cannot immediately repatriate them, so they have released them and told them to report back in fifteen days. The only detention facility for immigrant families, is in Berks County Pennsylvania, and houses only 100 family members.

On five separate occasions, administration officials have refused to answer questions about the number of families released into the general population, so they clearly don’t want the American people to know.

La Prensa Gráfica in El Salvador and La Prensa in Honduras have highlighted the Obama administration’s  announcement last week of additional “free legal services” for undocumented minors who illegally cross the U .S. border. “We’re taking a  historic step to strengthen our justice system and protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said upon announcing the aid.

El Periódico, another Guatemalan newspaper reports that among the initial Central American minors housed at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, two-thirds are from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, while 12% are Mexican. About 80% of the minors are male and 83% are over age 14.

None of this is Obama’s fault. After previously saying that America’s borders are more secure than ever, the White House blamed Republicans for “apparent holes along the southern boundary, evidenced by the flood of unaccompanied children streaming into the U .S. from Mexico, Central America and Elsewhere(?). New White House press secretary Josh Earnest challenged Republicans that if they are truly concerned about border security to back the comprehensive immigration reform package that passed the Senate last year and is strongly supported by President Obama. “Mr. Earnest also said the administration has made a “historic commitment” to border security over the past five years.” He may turn out to be even funnier than Jay Carney.


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