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Obama and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week by The Elephant's Child

obama stop
It was an unusually interesting week. The Supreme Court handed down major abuse-of-power defeats; tens of thousands of Central American children (mostly 14 and over) are arriving at the border and overwhelming the Border Patrol’s ability to find any place to put them; the new Commissioner of the IRS testified to a disbelieving committee that Lois Lerner’s hard drive has gone to the dump, the U.S. was defeated by Germany in the World Cup; and the terrorists that Mr. Obama said were defeated have emerged to massacre, execute and behead their way across Iraq; and Mr. Obama is expected to do something. Whew!  A very bad week indeed. So naturally, Mr. Obama is out on the stump, making speeches.— his fallback position.

To top it all off, John Boehner announced that the House of Representatives would challenge him in the courts. The president gets petulant when he feels his presumed authority is being challenged by another branch. The Constitution is pretty clear. The Laws are made by the Congress, the President gets to sign them or not—he doesn’t get to make laws himself, nor rework nor fix the laws that are passed by Congress.

The president claims that all criticism from the Republicans is built on “phony scandals.” This is not a new claim. Benghazi—a phony scandal. Several speeches about how we had to trade Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban terrorists because we never leave our people behind; but we couldn’t supply security for an Ambassador and forced the Military, who wanted to go to the rescue of a couple of brave Seals, to stand down while they fought on for seven hours.

He claims the economy has created 9.4 million jobs in the last 51 months. Uh huh. We have 17 million fewer working age people with a job than we had in 2000. Fifty-eight million working age citizens are not working. Companies are fleeing overseas because of our uncompetitive corporate taxes. We have about 30% of our normal productivity growth, and we have about 30% fewer startups, but the economy is swell.

The problem is “obstruction” by the GOP. “They don’t do anything except block me and call me names,” he whined.  Republicans, he said, “think we should let big banks, and credit card companies, and polluters, and insurers do only whatever is best for their bottom line without any responsibility to anybody else.”

He not only dismissed any criticism, he completely denied abusing executive authority.

I’m not going to let gridlock and inaction and willful indifference and greed threaten the hard work of families like yours,” Mr. Obama continued. “And so we can’t afford to wait for Congress right now. And that’s why I’m going ahead and moving ahead without them wherever I can.”

Mr. Obama said “Now I’m not saying these are all bad people, they’re not. …but they can’t be too friendly towards me because they’d be run out of town by the tea party.”

It’s all very simple. Everything Obama does is right. All of his ideas are right. His worldview is correct. And the actions he has taken to improve the lives of Americans are all absolutely correct. He does not make mistakes, and be is never, never to blame for anything.  Whatever it is, is the Republican’s fault. After all, everybody says he is the smartest man in the world, don’t they?

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“Mr. Obama said “Now I’m not saying these are all bad people, they’re not. …but they can’t be too friendly towards me because they’d be run out of town by the tea party.””

And please note… what our Leader-From-Behind-in-Chief is saying here is that no one in Washington has any real, legitimate disagreements with him (how could they?), it’s just that the Tea Party (an amorphous entity, not really a group of people) won’t let them agree publicly.

Obama and the Democrat leadership has not been able to recognize one very simple thing. Obama as President has lost all credibility; not even those on the left either believe him or believe in him anymore. The only thing left is Obama the IDEA; Obama as the anti-Bush.

The Democrats like to think they have the best ideas, just waiting for the right leader to put them into action. Obama WAS their choice, until they found out he’s not just a poor leader, he isn’t any kind of a leader. He can’t persuade. He doesn’t know compromise. he is unable to inspire anymore (once the world found out he was just another mealy-mouthed prevaricator without his teleprompter, the world lost interest in listening). He has no original ideas of his own. There is nothing about him that stimulates either the imagination or the intellect.

And now the Democrats have a problem. They are being led by someone who does not like being challenged and so lashes out in the most hostile (and childish) manner he can. There are no up-and-coming leaders in the Democrat Party that are viable as presidential candidates because they either too closely identify with Obama’s policies and ideas, or they are too far away from what has become the mainstream of Democrat Party thought for them to be taken seriously by the party elite. Only Hillary Clinton has the recognition to rise above those problems, but she comes with serious baggage of her own. The only others that I’ve heard serious mentioned as contenders for 2016 are Joe Biden (a man with the intellectual capacity of a party balloon and the personality to match), Elizabeth Warren (Faux-cahontas, she of the “you didn’t build that” ilk), and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (Who?).


Comment by Lon Mead

The trouble is that Obama has built up the Republicans in his mind as the enemy. I think we can expect far more unconstitutional efforts to get his way. He’s a lazy radical. He wanted to BE, not to do. He reminds everyone at every opportunity that he is the Leader of the Free World, the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States, (in capitals please). There don’t seem to be any grown-ups in the administration any more, just party hacks. The problems he has created for himself and the country are too big, and getting bigger, and he doesn’t have any idea how to deal with them. He has no one to advise him, and anything suggested by Republicans has to be wrong. Scary times.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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