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Lies My President Told Me; by The Elephant's Child

And that’s just some of the more obvious ones. Mr. Obama always uses a teleprompter because he likes to be in control of the situation. But why does he believe that it doesn’t matter what he says — everyone will believe him?  No they won’t. The president has worn out whatever trust they once may have had.


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One of the major things that you notice from watching Obama speak is that he never makes eye contact. Notice in that first segment, where he’s looking slightly off to the right? Now look at every similar set-up. He never looks directly into the camera. These supposedly personal talks are all on a teleprompter, and the words he is speaking belong to someone else. It’s the same when he talks in front of an audience. He never makes eye contact.

In spite of all of the talk of him being a great public speaker, I’ve never thought of him that way. Oh, he can give a great speech… under the proper circumstances; words written down, prepared audience, everything just so. Take him out of a controlled environment, and he turns into a stuttering fool.

Great speakers have many things in common. They make eye contact. They have an ability to connect with the audience regardless of the situation. When they speak on a subject, it’s because they have acquainted themselves with the topic. Most have a hand in writing their speeches (Reagan would rewrite his entire speeches himself, so he would be saying exactly what he meant). Moreover, great speakers have a talent for speaking extemporaneously. Bill Clinton, however you think of his qualities as a person or as President, was fantastic with this, as was Reagan. Poppy Bush was uncomfortable with public speaking (and it showed), but you always had the sense that he was speaking with you, not merely to you, and that he was honest in what he was saying.

Obama has been caught out in so many falsehoods that there is no longer any trust in what he says.

Obama once gave a speech where he said “Words matter”. Unfortunately, his actions since that speech show that he doesn’t (and probably never did) understand exactly what he was saying. He cited MLK, Thomas Jefferson, and FDR, without understanding that those speeches were the foundation and representation of IDEAS. Obama’s speeches most of the time are not communicating ideas, and are just a regurgitation of syllables that he reads. If asked to repeat a speech from his past, I’d wager that he couldn’t repeat a single one. Why? Because words to him are simply a tool, a means to win some perverse game of political Scrabble. They are not the vessels of ideas. He doesn’t really believe words matter. He only uses them for what he needs right now, and then he wants you to forget them, because next week, next month, tomorrow, he may need to use different words.


Comment by Lon Mead

Yes, and it’s getting worse. He just sounds whiny and petulant — and defiant. Like a little kid, “you can’t tell me what to do.” Watch this brief compilation of cuts from his campaign speech: This is the crap that Americans fell for. Did nobody recognize that his words made no sense whatsoever?
“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” And all the cadences of an evangelical camp meeting.” We are the change we seek” Empty words, absent meaning or truth. Notice how different his voice is now.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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