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As If We Don’t Have Enough Scandals — Now “Fast and Furious” is Back! by The Elephant's Child


Unbelievable. Scandals under investigation all over the place. The IRS monumental crashes of hard-drives turns out to be contagious. First it was Lois Lerner, then it was six other hard drives of those who were accustomed to communicating with Lois Lerner. Then it was the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who failed to get approval for a massive redecorating of their offices. And the EPA  could not produce the evidence supporting their claims because of a hard drive crash.

The administration’s cause and effect enormous immigration scandal just keeps growing, and they are so fixated on the politics of future Democrat voters that they refuse to recognize what a mess they are making. Mara-Salvatrucha is being paid thousands to get questionable people across the border from China and the Middle East, because the border is essentially wide open. They are sneaking big groups of illegal aliens into states around the country without even informing governors. It will get interesting in the fall when your kids’ school classes are inundated with vast numbers of Spanish-speaking kids, hopefully the ones who have been cleared of being contagious. Apparently there are big problems with kids unfamiliar with modern plumbing who have to be taught how to use the bathroom facilities. The problems are far larger than the administration realized and they are relying on secrecy to prevent the  public from finding out.

Congress is attempting to respond to the VA scandal with more funding and a possibility for vets to escape the wait-times and get more prompt service in the private sector. We would seem to need a major firing spree of those responsible for the long wait times that caused the deaths of so many veterans. I don’t know if that is possible with unionized workers. Jail time would be good. If, as it looks, there is no recognition of the bad incentives based on a requirement that everyone be treated within 14 days. That was the sole efficiency guideline, and hey could not meet it, with the result that they tried to hide the real results. That has to be changed, or it will just repeat.

Now comes news of a scandal so old that we had almost forgotten it. “Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit (FOIA) against the Department of Justice b government watchdog Judicial Watch, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ruled a list of documents being withheld from Congress under President Obama’s claim of executive privilege must be turned over. Obama made the claim on the same day Attorney General Eric Holder was voted in criminal and civil contempt of Congress in June 2012.” Excellent article by Katie Pavlich, and a huge step forward.

The documentation DOJ is required to now turn over is a “Vaughn index” of “all requested Fast and Furious materials from a June 2012 Judicial Watch FOIA request.”

A Vaughn index must: (1) identify each document withheld; (2) state the statutory exemption claimed; and (3) explain how disclosure would damage the interests protected by the claimed exemption.” In ordering the DOJ to provide Judicial Watch the Vaughn index, the Court ruled, “In this circuit, when an agency is withholding documents under exemption claims, courts require that the agency provide a Vaughn index so that the FOIA requester – at a distinct informational disadvantage – may test the agency’s claims.”

“Fast and Furious” if you have forgotten was the huge gun-running scandal that got one of our Border  Patrol agents killed and hundreds of Mexican citizens killed by flooding the cartels in Mexico with guns, in some misguided attempt to promote gun control.

A mostly unacknowledged scandal is the American media’s reluctance to cover anything that might discredit the Obama administration. Apparently American Journalism schools are failing to prepare their students for their important place in the American polity. They are not there to change the world, and they are not there to play politics. An honest journalism profession is knowledgeable about history and geopolitical reality, not just about how to write a lede. They are there to search for truth and  report the facts. They are the watchdog for the people. When they are partisan and report only the news favorable to their side of a debate, they fail their most basic function.

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The only plausible explanation for “Fast & Furious” at this point is that it was a PR stunt meant to rally support for the Democrats’ anti-gun agenda. For 18 months that F&F was in operation, Mexico was complaining through official about the guns that were tracked back to the F&F shops. That means that the ATF and US Attorney who were in charge of F&F knew about the murders. (NOTE: The fact that it was a law enforcement operation doesn’t give them the right to break the law. Even undercover agents cannot commit serious crimes without risking being prosecuted.) Why didn’t those responsible stop the operation when they learned of the first murder? The first 10 murders? The first 100 murders? They continued selling the guns knowing they would be used in murders. Although they claimed it was a law enforcement operation, there were no arrests from it. ATF proposed prosecutions several times to the US Attorney who declined. (Bear in mind, these agents regularly build cases against defendants.) This operation would still be going on if not for the ATF agent who panicked and blew the whistle on it.

A secondary issue is what was the State Department’s involvement in this matter. (Mexico is a foreign nation and that would make it the State Department’s interest.) What did Hillary know? Even Holder admits he “knew of the operation” but denies knowing the details and denies having informed Obama of it. But, if it reached Holder’s desk, then it should have reached Hillary’s also. It looks like F&F was a PR stunt like Waco. Bill’s role in the planning stages of Waco was never revealed to the public, but he obviously did take part because without the president’s signature on the orders, those tanks never would have left Fort Hood. I don’t know what Clinton was told to convince him to sign the orders, but I do know he should have been told that the DoJ’s established policy in that situation would have required that they “decapitate” the group first, then send in the tanks. That way, the leader of the group can’t rally them into resisting. He should also have been told that the way they did it was guaranteed to result in a siege, putting the people in the compound in danger and the law enforcement officers as well. Whoever planned the operation should have been punished. But no one ever was. Everyone involved was promoted within a year. It sounds like a case of “taking care of the mice so they don’t turn into rats.”


Comment by atmsafetypin

Yes, That seems the only explanation. And our relations with Mexico seem far worse. As are our relations with Canada.In the entire Obama presidency I’ve never seen him take the blame for anything. He has never made a mistake. And his closest confidant, Valerie Jarrett, keeps telling him how wonderful he is, and the White House staff hold him in awe for his brilliance. He is a brilliant student of Alinsky.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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