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White House Correspondent Ed Henry Asks — Why? by The Elephant's Child

During today’s press briefing, Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry inquired of Press Secretary Josh Earnest whether it was prudent for the president to spend the weekend fundraising for his party and golfing while terrorist acts are being committed against the United States. Obama has stated that his administration has no strategy for dealing with ISIS. Henry asked Earnest:

I wonder what you think about the optics of the president, from that podium yesterday, does not have a strategy to deal with ISIS in serious military, and then next day, without that strategy, goes out and raises campaign money?

Is he detached? Does he feel like the critics coming after him, it just doesn’t matter anymore?” Henry asked. “Why is he still raising campaign money, playing golf, when he’s acknowledging he doesn’t have a strategy to deal with this?

Josh Earnest:

The job of any U.S. president is to be able to handle a lot of different responsibilities at the same time,” Earnest replied, in defense of Obama’s fundraising and golfing. The secretary added that Obama has a national security team, to whom he has outsourced the job of looking after America’s national security challenges.

“Outsourced.” There’s a remarkable lot hiding behind that word.


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The job of the US President may be to handle a lot of different things, but one of them isn’t fundraising.


Comment by It's Only Words (@itsonlywords)

If “The job of any US President is to be able to handle a lot of different responsibilities at the same time”, why is it that this one can only seem to one thing with any consistency?

I also find it more than a little amusing that that word was chosen – outsourcing – to describe the way Obama is handling national security. Outsourcing – in it’s proper context, not the way the Dems usually use the term – means that you have hired someone to do something you are either incapable of doing yourself, or who can do it better and/or more economically than you can. However, you do eventually put that resource to use. I suspect that Obama is using his version of “outsourcing” as another stalling tactic.

Because, quite simply put, Obama is lying when he says he has no strategy. He has several strategies to choose from (I know this because developing those strategies is part of what I do for a living). He has simply decided that he doesn’t want to do any of the ones presented to him because a) he doesn’t want to do anything he thinks Bush would have done, and b) he doesn’t want to make any kind of commitment.

I noticed another lie in Obama’s speech (one of many, actually, but I digress). He said that the US has the greatest military in the world. This something he obviously does not believe, because in his very next sentence, he said that we could not defeat ISIS militarily (which is simply incorrect). Remember, Obama will not agree to anything that involves committing a military force to anywhere, because that’s something Bush would do. Obama has painted himself into a corner, strategy-wise.


Comment by Lon Mead

Did you see Michael Ledeen’s column at pjmedia: ‘Latest Big Lie:”We Have No Strategy?” I think it’s more than being the not-Bush, though there’s a lot of that. He has some radical utopian ideas about the warmongering neo-cons, that war is always unnecessary if you are smart enough to make sensible deals. Victor Davis Hanson’s latest column is about Obama’s very hazy knowledge of history. His clearest effort is the attempt to buy a permanent Democrat rule, so we are not troubled with all this troublesome lack of cooperation.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Putin has played Obama so well. He knows a coward when he sees one.


Comment by Alan Poirier

I don’t know whether he really a coward (probably) but I think he’s more in the grip of a far left ideology that wars are unnecessary if you just do good diplomacy (John Kerry?) and his whole presidency is about getting us out of wars, and he’s just not going to start another one. He doesn’t listen to any of his advisors except Valeria Jarrett, and does what she says. But you are absolutely correct about Putin.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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