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I Want My Election Day Back! A Celebration of Citizenship. by The Elephant's Child

It’s the day before Election Day, and the news is all about everybody’s ‘closing statement,” polls, prognostication, hopes and fears. There are a lot of races that I really care about. Unfortunately I don’t get to vote in any of them.

I have been gerrymandered into a largely Democratic district, and my representative is a Democrat and fairly innocuous. They obviously had a hard time finding someone to run against him. Lots of judges running, many  unopposed. Two Second Amendment issues, one to grab guns, which has lots of financial support from Democrat billionaires, the other to rein in the gun grabbers. I voted as I have in every election since I was old enough to vote for the first time, but there’s not much joy in it. I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the candidates for whom I cannot vote.

I am troubled by the early voting, the states where you can register for the first time and then vote on the same day. There are a lot of schemes designed to make vote fraud easier. In Washington state, everybody votes by mail, which we are told makes vote fraud, which has been a familiar problem, even easier. But we read of voting machines that are deliberately programmed to — misread  your vote. Voting machines are being discarded across the country in favor of paper ballots.

I liked having to drive to the polling place, greet the election workers who were the same women who did it every year, show my photo ID, sign in, and receive the ballot to mark up in the privacy of a booth. I miss it. I always believed it to be an important and special day. Marking up a ballot at the kitchen table just isn’t the same.


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