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Obfuscating Language For Political Purposes by The Elephant's Child


Let’s clear up the language once more: I heard Rick Santorum speaking as a guest on a talk show today in opposition to the president’s plans for some kind of amnesty for “undocumented immigrants.” In his conversation, he referred several times to “native-born Americans.” I think it was a thoughtless use of that term to simply mean “citizens.” We also have many visitors, citizens of other countries, who are here as students, guest workers, or just tourists, all quite legally.

“Undocumented immigrants” is a catch-phrase from the leftist language workshop, designed to soften and confuse the designation of non-citizens here without permission, to ease the amnesty plan. You will also hear a lot of “innocent children,”and  “separating families.” This is simply political propaganda designed to advance a political agenda which is — increasing the numbers of people dependent on the government for their survival and well-being, who will reliably vote for the Democrats who made amnesty possible.

Merriam Webster Dictionary:

il·le·gal: not according to or authorized by law

alien: belonging to or owing allegiance to another country or government

There is nothing pejorative about these terms, they are simply accurate language. Republicans care about law and the Constitution. The Left cares about political power.

Making someone a dependent on the government is a terrible thing to do to a human being. You give them enough to survive and cope, but not enough to escape dependency. But being dependent, they will vote for those who give them enough stuff to live, lest someone take away that upon which they depend.

“Hispanic” or “Latino” are terms that refer to those who came from Spanish-speaking countries. They do not refer to race. Hispanics and Latinos come in as many races and mixtures of races as the rest of us. They have the advantage of being bilingual, something that a majority of native-born Americans don’t, in spite of language requirements in high school. If they are not white, they get to be double “minorities” which is silly, but identifying people as “minorities” is important to the Left, as is assuming that minorities must be treated differently under the law in order to assure their membership in the majority.

Native-born or natural-born citizens have no advantages in law over the newest citizen, just different history, which is interesting and if your family has been here since before the Revolution you can join a number of ancestry-worshiping societies. People from other countries can join a number of ethnicity-worshiping societies. Sometimes even festivals and good food. Do you have royalty in your background? Big deal. Stalin’s daughter, Khrushchev’s son, and Castro’s daughter have all become American citizens—legally. So much for ancestry.

America is reviled across the world as a bully, as decadent, as warmongering, and as the world’s policeman. Our own president is somehow determined to make us “just one nation among many and nothing special.” Which is apparently why he goes around the world apologizing for America and bowing to the leaders of other countries, most recently, once again, in China.

That is why we have people all over the world, too impatient to wait for legal immigration, or too illegal to get permission, flock to our border and pay exorbitant amounts to get spirited across. Why those who have come to study in America overstay their visas and disappear into society. And why female visitors from Asian countries disguise their pregnancies in order to give birth to a child in America and give them American citizenship, as a birthright gift.

Demonstrators picket before the possible arrival of undocumented migrants who may be processed at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station in Murrieta, California

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