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Measles Is Back, For The Most Cases Since 1994 by The Elephant's Child
November 17, 2014, 8:01 pm
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measles rash on face of infant patient

Business Insider is reporting an unusual number of measles cases, a disease we thought we had banished, in the U.S. Measles is an entirely preventable disease, we have an effective  vaccination. The CDC has documented 603 cases of measles spread out across 22 states, for the highest count since 1994.

The virus is still rampant in other countries, and remains a leading cause of death in children. Globally, more than 20 million people get measles each year, and of those infected, about 145,700 died in 2013.

Some parents in this country are hesitant to have their children vaccinated. A British doctor, subsequently barred from the practice of medicine, suggested that vaccinations were the cause of autism, and has drawn a small cult following. But conspiracy theories did reduce the rates of vaccination. With world travel, there is also the opportunity of contracting the disease abroad. The influx of children from Central America in the border surge this summer has meant that few were returned to their country of origin and most were scattered out through the states and enrolled in schools.

The first measles vaccines were approved in 1963. Even in the 1950s the highly contagious  disease was still killing about 450 people each year, mostly children. This year we have the most cases since 1964.

There have been seven children who have died from Enterovirus D68, as reported on October 16, but there has been no report since that I can find. The CDC seems to downplay Enterovirus D68 as an ordinary seasonal event, nothing to worry about, and although several children have exhibited polio-like symptoms with paralysis, they call it a non-polio virus.

My trust in information emanating from government agencies is hitting an all-time low, and I am more inclined to assume that they are covering up any bad news that might be out there. I hasten to add that I have no proof of that at all, it is only proof of the decline in trust that may afflict everything this administration does. This is a very bad thing. The president’s inability to accept any blame for anything, or to be considered as having made a mistake, as we all do, is the clear cause.

Government agencies would be making a vast error if they are not completely open about the spread and risks of disease of any sort.

ADDENDUM: Sharyl Attkisson found the information on Enterovirus D68 that I couldn’t find. The U.S death toll from the mysterious Enterovirus D68, which primarily strikes young children has reached twelve.

But as the number of lives lost increases, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that most states over the last five weeks have indicated “reduced EV-D68-like illness activity.”

The latest CDC update on the current outbreak of the polio-like Enterovirus D-68 states that it has now been detected “in specimens from twelve patients who died and had samples submitted for testing.” That’s one more death than was disclosed in last week’s update. The CDC account does not provide information as to where the patients died and does not disclose his/her names, ages or other details.

When the case is mild, it may be assumed to be flu or a cold. Not all cases are submitted for testing to determine the cause. Many of the children had asthma or a history of wheezing.

A Legacy of Shame by The Elephant's Child

There is little doubt that within a matter of days, President Obama will issue executive orders that will grant amnesty to numbers of illegal aliens currently in the United States. He would prefer the discussion to be about reforming our “broken immigration system,” but no one has done so much to “break” our  existing laws as this president.

Immigration officers and Border Patrol officers are being told to ignore laws they have been charged with enforcing. The administration has essentially invited the influx of “unaccompanied children” from Central America, and instead of sending them promptly back, they have farmed them out all over the United States, insisted they be enrolled in public school, get welfare, and the results have been outbreaks of Enterovirus D68, measles, tuberculous. The administration has been careful to deny that illegal immigrants have any connection to disease outbreaks —but then it seems to be more than a coincidence. Some legacy.

Work permits for some up to 5 million illegals would be a terrible blow to our own unemployed who cannot find work. We have 46.5 million people on food stamps. How this remedies our “broken immigration system” is not exactly clear.

In China, Mr. Obama committed America to big cuts in greenhouse gas  emissions by 2025 and China will start to cut theirs sometime around 2030 or not in a completely meaningless treaty. Then in Australia for a meeting of the G-20, he demanded that Australia  follow the carbon deal he had made with China. Without a bit of scientific evidence he claimed that global warming “means longer droughts, more wildfires” in Australia. He repeatedly referred to the dangers that global warming poses to Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef — a canard used by Mr. Abbott’s opponents. Always helpful to go around the world insulting our warmest allies and bowing and scraping to our enemies. Obama believes that saving the country from the horrors of global warming will be one of the shining accomplishments of his legacy. It’s more apt to make his a laughingstock as his efforts prove to be an enormous waste of money.

Another American was beheaded by ISIS. On the last occasion, Obama made a brief public statement about Americans being beheaded by terrorists and then went off to pay 18 holes of golf, a stark revelation of character.

Mr. Obama insists that he doesn’t know Mr. Gruber, that he was just some “adviser who was never on our staff who expresses an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is not a reflection on the actual process that was run.” But who seems to have made several million dollars for consulting on ObamaCare — which is clearly becoming more problematic by the minute, as cost goes up and quality care declines. Their great accomplishment was supposed to be giving insurance to those who had never had insurance before, but we learn that giving people access to Medicaid is worse for their health than doing without insurance.

Approval of ObamaCare ranks as 37% according to Gallup, while disapproval is up around 59%. Instead of regarding the result of the recent election as public repudiation of his policies (he did say that he wouldn’t be on the ballot, but his policies would) he’s quite sure it had nothing to do with him as he is the only one who was elected by all the people.

Old sayings often offer good advice. “If you find  yourself in a hole, stop digging!”

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